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Alcatrazz Members React To Graham Bonnet's Statement In Regards To Current Management

In a recent post on facebook Graham Bonnet announced changes to Alcatrazz current management, he posted on his Facebook page. Nov 16 2020

"Hey everybody! Big changes happening around here..... one of them being that that Graham Bonnet and Alcatrazz are no longer affiliated with my former manager Giles Lavery. Any session or booking interest should be addressed to

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to playing live and seeing you all again! "

However the band members clarified the statement on their Facebook pages minutes later saying.

"Regarding Graham Bonnet's post on Facebook, We, the band members of Alcatrazz are still represented by our manager Giles Lavery. Graham Bonnet cannot dictate to us who our collective or individual manager may or may not be. We will make our own statement when the time is right" Jimmy Waldo, Joe Stump, Gary Shea, Mark Benquechea

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