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Airforce Ft. Iron Maiden Doug Sampson To Re-Record Iron Maiden Song 'Strange World' For Di'anno Aid

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke Airforce's guitarist Chop Pitman and Drummer Doug Sampson (Former Iron Maiden). The two spoke about their upcoming U.K. tour supporting Steve Harris' British Lion, Di'anno aid to raise money to assist former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno, their new Live album Live locked and loaded and re-recording of the Iron Maiden Classic 'Strange World' for their upcoming new album and as a charity single to assist Paul Di'Anno.

Watch interview here

The two spoke about the re-recording of the Maiden Classic 'Strange world' Charity Single for Di'anno with legacy Maiden members

"We are working on a version of Strange World that is something in the pipeline. It's all in the early stages, we got demo ideas for it. So probably after we come back from Steve's (Harris) British Lion tour we will start thinking about getting some work done on it and start laying down some tracks on it." Doug Sampson.

"The re-recording of 'Strange World' will be on the upcoming new Airforce album. We are also will be trying to re-release it (as a single) to help Paul (Di'Anno) with the operation, as a download. It would be nice if we could get Stave Harris to sanction it, to say I endorse it. Whatever we could do, we will do. We will play for free for Paul just to get him up and about. We are going to take out time and make sure we do it right. First thing I have done was to phone up Steve and I tell him I am doing a version of 'Strange World', it's a track that Iron Maiden does not do any more and it's a track people associate with Paul Di'anno. And he went, yeah yeah great. I said I will do a version and send it to you. listen to it and let me know what you think and Steve liked it, which is good. Dave Sullivan (Iron Maiden guitarist 1975-75) got involved, he phoned me up, quite excited about it and then Terry Rance (Iron Maiden guitarist 1975-76) phoned me up and he got quite excited about it. So we are planning to have Doug Sampson, Dave Sullivan, Terry Rance and Paul (Di'anno) on it, that is a big thing. It's a different version of the track, nothing like the original and more up to date. "Chop Pitman

Airforce album 'Strike Hard' was released 2020

Airforce 'Live locked and loaded' released Sept 2021


Flavio Lino - Vocals

Chop Pitman - Lead Guitar

Tony Hatton - Bass

Doug Sampson - Drums

DI'ANNO AID with ION MAIDEN playing a special set-list for this event, taking us all back to 78-81, only playing songs from the first two Iron Maiden albums

plus very special guests AIRFORCE feat. Ex-Maiden drummer Doug Sampson

Tickets 18:00 // £15 adv.

After Party 11pm to 3am:


Covid Policy Masks, Tests & Vaccines are NOT required:

Presented by The Underworld

MAIDEN's first demo recording, "Soundhouse Tapes", featured Sampson, Harris, singer Paul Di'Anno and guitarist Dave Murray. It eventually landed MAIDEN a record deal with EMI in 1980. The band's self-titled debut album brought about a new lineup with the addition of Clive Burr to replace Sampson and Dennis Stratton on guitar.

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