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Ex Anthrax Neil Turbin is open to consider doing an Anthrax Fest with all 3 singers, only if the fan

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke with former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin via zoom on June 4 2020.

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In The Metal Voice interview Turbin was asked a question that was recently posed to guitarist of Anthrax Scott Ian on The Jasta Show about the possibility of a 40 year Anthrax Fest with current and former singers, Neil Turbin, Joey Belladonna and John Bush. Turbin told The Metal Voice, " I love John Bush , he is great, it was really super cool for John to give me an interview (For The Metal Voice at the Dio 10 year Gala Feb 2020 see below). It is the first time I met John in person, I have met the other members of Armored Saint and they have always been cool too. Having the opportunity to meet John and speak with him was quite awesome. John's a great singer and a great guy. I would love to do shows with John Bush and with Armored Saint if that opportunity arises I would certainly be open to that. "

Turbin continued, "Michael Schenker Fest and Helloween (Pumpkins United) what they have done and how they have approached things, they have done their Fest shows with respect and class for the bands and artists. There is a value to presenting something like that, however I think it boils down to what the fans want. It's what the fans want that matters. Would the Anthrax show bring out the fans? As a fan, I appreciate Michael Shenker doing his Fest. I respect the fact that Graham Bonnet and Michael Schenker would go back on stage today with each other with their issues in the past. I also think that the Michael Schenker Fest has helped to revitalize his career, they are playing bigger venues. I would be open to considering doing the Anthrax Fest but there is a lot of moving parts. As of now I have not been approached. "

Scott Ian Interview as reported in Blabbermouth on "The Jasta Show" May 31 2020

"Next year is the 40th anniversary of the band. We'll have a new record out, and that touring cycle is for sure gonna be two years, based on a new record and all of that. What happens after that, who knows? Maybe at the end of that touring cycle, we try and figure out something really special and really cool to do, whether it's something like we were just talking about or something different. I don't know.

For The Metal Voice former Anthrax Neil Turbin makes metal history by interviewing Ex Anthrax singer (Armored Saint singer) John Bush at Ronnie James Dio 10th Anniversary Memorial Awards Gala​at at The Avalon in Hollywood on February 20, 2020.

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Neil Turbin is an American thrash metal vocalist known for being the first full-time vocalist for American band Anthrax. He is the current lead vocalist and songwriter of the heavy metal band DeathRiders and a member of the hard rock band Bleed the Hunger

Turbin performed and recorded with the band on the original demo recordings and their first studio album, Fistful of Metal. Turbin wrote the lyrics to all songs on that album (with exception of the cover of Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen"). He also has writing credits on five of the seven songs on the band's Armed and Dangerous EP, as well as two songs on Spreading the Disease, both of which were recorded by third Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna, who replaced second Anthrax vocalist Matt Fallon. Wikipedia

Neil Tubin Hammerfall Interview for The Metal Voice

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