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Saviour Machine's Eric Clayton Talks About Abuse, Investigations, Drugs & Chaos that Inspire

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice conducts an in-depth interview with Saviour Machine's Eric Clayton in regards to the inspiration on his new biographical concept album ' 'A Thousand Scares' .

A story of abuse, federal investigations, divorce, hiding and drug Addiction which led to new music after almost 20 years.

Watch the Interview here

The new album 'A Thousand Scars' contains 15 new tracks (79 minutes), and is available as digital download, CD and vinyl. Released digitally April 24 2020 interdependently

Story / narrative and lyrics by Eric Clayton Music by Eric Clayton, Jeff Clayton, Adam Pederson, Ludo Caanen and Twan Bakker Songs performed by The Nine Produced by Eric Clayton and Devon Graves

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Five years ago Eric Clayton’s life was in turmoil. What’s new, right? Ever since he formed Saviour Machine in 1989, in sunny California, with his brother Jeff, it seems much of his artistic career and his private life has been cursed rather than blessed. The story’s about banishment, mismanagement and business relationships gone sour are legion. The man even felt the need to write a book about it cause it was impossible to explain everything anymore in an interview. And yes. There’s also the stories about some album that remains unfinished.

Eric Clayton - The Space Between Us Lyric Video

Saviour Machine's Eric Clayton Interview after 20 years- New Saviour Machine & Solo album

When should concerts return? What's your comfort level?

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