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Burning Witches- “Dance With The Devil” Album Review

Burning Witches, the Switzerland based metal band, have completed their 3rd full length album, “Dance With The Devil.” The release date for the album is March 6, 2020 via Nuclear Blast

By Milwaukee Tom

This is the follow up to the excellent “Hexenhammer” album, and their first to feature on lead vocals Laura Guldemond, who joined the band in 2019. The additional band members are: Romana Kalkuhl and Sonia Nusselder on Guitars, Jeanine Grob, Bass and Lala Frischknecht on Drums.

“Dance With The Devil” has 12 total Tracks, which includes a short Intro, “The Incantation.” It’s classic-metal styled music, with catchy hooks, melodies and packs a power metal punch, with songs like “The Sisters of Fate,” and the Title Track, “Dance With The Devil.” And, they do an awesome Cover of the Manowar song “Battle Hymn,” which features special guests Ross The Boss Friedman and Mike LePond, from the Ross The Boss Band.


There are numerous excellent elements to this album. The musicianship is executed at a high level by all the members, the sound production is sonic & clear, the artwork is very eye catching, and the lyrics are very metal. If you like the aforementioned “Hexenhammer,” you’ll definitely like “Dance With The Devil.”

Rating: SOLID 7.5 Out of 10. Highly recommended.

"Dance With The Devil" track listing:

01. The Incantation 02. Lucid Nightmare 03. Dance With The Devil 04. Wings Of Steel 05. Six Feet Underground 06. Black Magic 07. Sea Of Lies 08. The Sisters Of Fate 09. Necronomicon 10. The Final Fight 11. Threefold Return 12. Battle Hymn (feat. Ross The Boss and Michael Lepond)

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