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Billy Sheehan- Talks About Upcoming New Talas Studio Album

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Son's of Apollo, Talas, Ex David Lee Roth Bassist Billy Sheehan in Montreal, Canada on February 3 2020 at the Corona Theater Watch here

Sheehan spoke about the new upcoming Talas Album, being asked to join Van Halen, his David Lee Roth years and the new Sons of Apollo album MMXX. When asked how he measures success today regarding the new Sons of Apollo album "We are receiving positive comments from fans, who have attended the shows and who bought the record, to me that is the indicator we look for. We see a sea of smiling faces at the shows and we talk to people after the shows and they are very pleased. So that is the measure in my mind. Bands don't sell as much as they did in the 70-80-90's but that's ok I never have been that money motivated or success motivated. I just want to play my best and I want everyone to enjoy it" When asked if he would like to will be contribute to the next Sons of Apollo album "Either way for me I just love to play and I love this band we are great friends but sometimes it's just nice to lay back and do what they want you to do. For me it's a challenge to do what what others want cause I do things my way usually. But then you need to throw yourself a curve once in a while and work with someone who wants to do it there way and you have to adapt and change and it will make you a better player. To do something different than what you always do will enrich you and make you a more rounded player. I'm sure I will be contributing a lot more in the future as well to Sons of Apollo. I do write a lot and sometimes it's just nice to sit back."

When asked about the upcoming new studio album of Talas "On the new Talas album we are going to have special guest Johnny Angel and Mitch Perry on guitar and have Jeff Scott Soto hopefully do back vocals and harmonies because Talas opened for Yngwie Malmsteen in 1985 and Soto was on that tour. The band will be Mark Miller on drum, Phil Naro vocals and myself. As for the songs we will be doing songs we never fully recorded over the years. Some songs we will record we have done them on the live Talas album but they were never had a studio version. We have a lot of songs it's going to be a blast to lay them down properly." When asked if he was ever offered to join Van Halen "Three times through the years and I consider it a great honour. However I am torn because I love Michael Anthony and I think he is the best bass player for Van Halen. And as much as I would have love to do that I want to see Michael in the band. I'm not sure why they asked me to join the band Michael is an awesome player and singer and who knows what the situation was. The first time was the tour of Fair Warning we talked about it then, then I spoke about it with David Lee Roth but I mostly spoke about it with Eddie Van Halen in Toronto Canada and then the second time was 1984 Eddie showed me the stage set up we talked abut it then. Then the last time was when I got together with Eddie and Alex Van Halen at their house. " When asked about the status of Mr. Big "No plans at all, someday I would love to do something with Paul and Eric, maybe another drummer or just the three of us. I still love that band and our fans. Who knows? But I would love to do more." Billy Sheehan has signed a deal with Metal Blade Records for the release of a new studio album from TALAS.

Sheehan Played with Talas in the 1970's and 1980's then joined David Lee Roth's band after that formed Mr Big 1989 achieving a Billboard No. 1 single in the USA and 14 other countries with "To Be With You"

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