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'Grim Reaper to release New album'-Steve Grimmett interview

For Canada's The Metal Voice former Anthrax, current Deathrider’s singer Neil Turbin spoke to Grim Reaper singer Steve Grimmett in Los Angeles prior to hitting the stage at the Whiskey a Go-Go.

On the release date of the new Grim Reaper Album

“Before we came to the States we were doing work on the album and I still got work to do when I get home and the record company has been pushing us for a May 2016 release but I think it's going to be more like June 2016.”

When asked about the new Grim Reaper sauces and beverage line

“I am talking to a Beer company in England called Wychwood Breweries, they already do a beer called The Grim Reaper, so I am talking to them.”

“We also got a company called Grim Reaper Foods, we have been contacting one another, they are Chili specialists. They are going to do a special Grim Reaper Hot Sauce, BBQ sauce, and Chili dark chocolate.”

When asked about the difficulty in memorizing the lyrics of Onslaught's songs during the In Search of Sanity period

“It’s difficult, because I didn’t write the songs and you really have to get into to a writer's mind to understand what the story he (Nige Rockett) is trying to tell . That’s how I deal with my stuff. Again with the band (Onslaught) there wasn’t much time between going into the studio and re-recording the vocals to then doing the tour in the UK. So there wasn’t a huge amount a time to get to learn it properly. I was putting poster, pieces of papers up with key lines, so I could remember the lyrics. I’m diabetic so my mind isn’t that great to start off with.

When asked about why he left Onslaught during the In Search of Sanity Period

“One of the reasons I left because I had another band together called Lionsheart and I really wanted to do that cause it was more up my street more about what I wanted to do as a vocalist. I was on a wage with Onslaught and I was promised a certain amount after a certain time and a certain amount after that and it just never happened and it was so little money that I thought well I might as well just get behind Lionsheart. It was by management which was run by the band. It was decision time and I made the right decision for me. “

When asked how the See you in Hell video got heavy rotation on MTV in the 80's

“They showed the video once and were only going to play it once and they had a questionnaire after the video saying do you what you want to see more of this and they got absolutely inundated so much, that they put us on maximum rotation.”

Vist the Grim Reaper Website

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