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Jorn-Heavy Rock Radio Review 6/10 'Fun but not ground breaking'

“Heavy Rock Radio” Is the third covers album released by Norwegian Heavy Metal act Jorn and was released on June 3rd, 2016. Before this release I rarely had heard of the band and most notably vocalist Jorn Lande who actually has a pretty impressive track record for the past twenty years or so. Before putting this album on I went through his back catalog a bit and found that he is a pretty good vocalist and very Ronnie James Dio-esque (Well he did release a full tribute album to the man). However, with seeing how many cover albums he has, does he have a really original sound? Or does it just sound like someone trying to make a quick buck. Well I suppose lets find out.

Track Listing

1.I Know There's Something Going On (Frida) - The opening song and a pretty good cover of a rather cheesy eighties song. It is a relatively simple cover but Jorns voice holy hell does it really fit and makes this track metal. Its a fun opener.

2.Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)-This cover is a really simple pop song as well but adding that heavy metal aspect really makes it even catchy. I feel Jorns voice is too high in the mix though for some reason. This one feels sort of awkward to me I just don't feel like it quite gets to that “fun cover” feeling.

3.Rev One The Red Line (Foreigner)- This is one of my favorite Foreigner songs and I think Jorn does better with this song and I love the heavy keyboard presence in the background. This is a fun cover and pretty faithful to the original.

4.You're The Voice (John Farnham)- This song really got put into overdrive and really works with a heavier sound as well. Jorns voice fits this song perfectly it is a really good cover with an original sound to it I believe.

5.Live To Win (Paul Stanley)- I always found the original pretty comical because it sounded so unbelievably cheesy but I like Jorns version it has a bit of a harder hitting feeling. It also is not as high as Stanley sang it and it gets points for that as well.

6.Don't Stop Believin'(Journey)- I can't really say anything about this one, it's just a song I've heard so much to the point where I cant hear it anymore. If you still can then it's not a bad cover it's just a cover.

7.Killer Queen(Queen)- This cover is interesting, it has a lot going on in the back as well. I think Jorns voice is too low for this song specifically but I do like the verses they sound very modernly pop which is interesting to hear.

8.Hotel California (The Eagles)- Another song I am honestly sick off honestly thanks to nonstop classic rock station rotations. Its a cover that's all I can really say about it.

9.Rainbow In The Dark(Dio)- A bit more familiar territory on this track and I can see where most of Jorns inspiration comes from. I like the alternative opening as well and his voice fits it perfectly even though It's a bit lower. A pretty fun cover.

10.The Final Frontier (Iron Maiden)- A recent Maiden cover which really peaks my interest as well. It is a pretty good cover and his voice almost parallels Bruce's which is almost a bit creepy but cool nevertheless. This cover is probably the closest sounding to the original song than any other track on this album.

11.Stormbringer (Deep Purple)- One of my favorite Hughes/Coverdale tracks and I think they nailed this cover it is a pretty fun faithful and 80s drenched sounding one. Really digging it.

12.Die Young(Black Sabbath)- A cover of my all time favorite Dio sung tune and it really caps off the album in good light I believe. It is still a bit laid back but Jorns voice fits extremely well. Probably one of my favorites on the album.

Overall, I give this album a 6 out of 10. Honestly, it is a covers album so it is nothing really ground breaking. However, this album, even though s bit stale at parts has some really fun renditions of some of our favorite songs and for a casual Heavy Metal listener, I would give this one a fling, you might find some enjoyment out of it.

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