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Wendy Dio Talks New Book, Upcoming Dio Documentary & Refutes Vivian Campbell Claims

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Wendy Dio about the new Ronnie James Dio Book' 'Rainbow in the Dark', the upcoming Dio Documentary and refuted claims made by former Dio Guitarist Vivian Campbell in regards his financial compensation when in the band.

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When asked about the writing of the Autobiography

"Ronnie wrote up to about almost the end of Rainbow (the band). Then when he was sick he scribbled a lot of notes and then Mick Walls who was a journalist and good friend of ours and who knew Ronnie for a long time said, common Wendy let's get the book out. And I said I would really like to continue it in Ronnie's words. So what we did is we took all the scribbled notes that Ronnie had left and then we went back into the archives and found press clippings of what Ronnie said at that particular time and we kind of all put it together that way. Then I added a few things I remembered that were going on at that time as well."

When asked what was the biggest misconception of Ronnie James Dio

"I know Vivian Campbell said he was cheap. Ronnie was never cheap with anyone or anything, ever, ever, ever. So I don't know how many people believe those things. I normally don't do those things but I wanted to put in the book about how much was earned because of the fact that I am sick to death of hearing that Ronnie was cheap and paid him 100 dollars a week (Vivian). How did he buy a Ferrari at 100 dollars a week? How does Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain buy a house at 100 dollars a week.? And (today) that is something Ronnie can't defend himself with."

When asked about Vivian Campbell's Claim that he was paid less than the road crew at the time

" I will explain that, so they were on retainer (the band) so that means they got paid whether they worked or not. We may do a 6 week tour and the sound man probably got $2000 a week (only for 6 weeks) and he (Vivian Campbell) got $1700 (whether they worked or not). "

When asked about seeing the first cut on the upcoming Dio Documentary

"I did, I did, it was amazing, they did a great job I cried my eyes out. We were all crying. It was very emotional. We moved a few things around, added a few things. It was done really well. Mick Walls is excellent in it, him and Eddie Trunk are excellent. They are both going back and forth. They did an excellent job. Lita Ford does a great job, Rob Halford does an amazing job, Glenn Hughes...It's different from the book, totally different from the book. So interesting and so touching ."

Dio's long-awaited autobiography, titled "Rainbow In The Dark: The Autobiography", was released on July 27 via Permuted Press. It was written with longtime friend of 30 years and esteemed music writer Mick Wall, who took up the mantle after Ronnie's passing.

The book is now set for publication in a number of other countries and languages. Co-written with British music journalist Mick Wall and Dio's widow and longtime manager Wendy Dio, "Rainbow In The Dark: The Autobiography" is now available at, or wherever books are sold.

Ronnie James Dio passed away of stomach cancer on May 16, 2010 at the age of 67.

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