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Watch Agent Steel Perform 'Agents of Steel' on Horns Up Metal Cruise Nov 4, 2023- Fan Filmed Video

Watch fan video as Agent Steel performs the song 'Agents of Steel' on the Horns Up Metal Cruise Nov 4, 2023

Fan Filmed Video here

Set list

Crypts of Galactic Damnation

Unstoppable Force

Bleed For The Godz

Veterans of Disaster

Never Surrender

No Other Godz Before Me

The Day at Guyana

Agents of Steel

Sonata Cósmica


Agents of the Devil

Mad Locust Rising

Carousel of Vagrant Souls


Agent Steel John Cyriis Interview-New album & Singing For Megadeth in Early Years-Classified File 01

Why Does Iron Maiden's 'Ides Of March' Sound Like Samson's 'Thunderburst'? Explained by Thunderstick

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