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Voivod's Upcoming New Album Synchro Anarchy is Deep, Honest & Dark

Jimmy Kay from The Metal Voice recently spoke to singer Snake and Guitarist Chewy from Canadian progressive sci-fi metal innovators VOIVOD about their upcoming studio album Synchro Anarchy, which will be released on February 11 , 2022 via Century Media Records.

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How did you go about making the album "This time around we didn't have anytime (in the studio). But we had a good experience when we did a live stream not too long ago. When we did the live stream recordings we were only the four of us and our producer (Francis Perron) who managed to create a live sound that was perfect. We kind of liked the sound of those live streams so we said maybe it would great for the next record to sound like that, just the four of us, not having multi-layers of stuff. So that is what we did with Syncho Anarchy, we did everything writing and recording in four months. What happened was we had an upcoming tour organized for March 2022 and the record company said it would be great to have something fresh for the tour (new material). So we all sat around the fire by the studio and said to each other can we pull it off can we make a record in 4 months? I said I'm going to give this a try. So we almost killed ourselves on the job. It's like working under pressure, composing music and lyrics your brain does not go any faster then what it's supposed to be. " Snake What does the music sound like on the new album "We did not have time to sit and think about it and I think we managed to create something special and you can feel the urgency in the music. "Snake "It was so intense to write everything in a short period of time, we didn't have any perspective writing it. I think it's a deep album, it's very honest, it's dark but I can see some light. There is a depth to it that is different from other albums.There are many different textures on the album, many different dimensions so to speak. I think the album is pretty varied but the core sound of the band is recognizable with the technical, progressive side and sci-fi side" Chewy Will Voivod be coming out with an autobiography? "It is going to be for the 40th anniversary of the band but i don't have much detail about it on what's in it."

VOIVOD Synchro Anarchy Tracklist: 1. Paranormalium 2. Synchro Anarchy 3. Planet Eaters 4. Mind Clock 5. Sleeves Off 6. Holographic Thinking 7. The World Today 8. Quest For Nothing 9. Memory Failure

Next to the Jewelcase CD, LP and Digital Album formats, Synchro Anarchy will also be available in a Deluxe edition as Ltd. 2CD Mediabook and as Digital Album (2CD), containing the special Return To Morgöth - Live 2018 bonus disc, which features a full live-show recording of VOIVOD’s 35th Anniversary hometown appearance at the Festival Jonquière En Musique from June 29th, 2018. The show was recorded and mixed by Francis Perron, mastered by Yannick St-Amand and features the following track-listing:

VOIVOD - Return To Morgöth - Live 2018 - Bonus Disc:

1. Post Society

2. The Unknown Knows

3. Ravenous Medicine

4. Psychic Vacuum

5. Obsolete Beings

6. Technocratic Manipulators

7. Fall

8. The Prow

9. Order Of The Blackguards

10. The Lost Machine

11. Korgüll The Exterminator

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