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Upcoming New Metal Album Releases For 2022, List Here

Tony Martin 'Thorns' Jan 14 2022

Magnum ‘The Monster Roars’ Jan 14, 2022

Ashes of Ares 'Emperors and Fools' Jan 21, 2022

Kreator ‘Violent Revolution [20th Anniversary Edition] Jan 21, 2022

Jethro Tull 'The Zealot Gene' Jan 28, 2022

Saxon 'Carpe Diem' Feb 4 ,2022

Slash "4" February 11, 2022

Marc Storace ‘Live at Let Live’ Feb 5, 2022

Annihilator 'Metal II' Feb 11, 2022

Voivod ' Synchro Anarchy' Feb 11, 2022

HammerFall 'Hammer of Dawn' Feb 25, 2022

Scorpions 'Rock Believer' Feb 25, 2022

Sabaton 'The War to End All Wars' March 4, 2022

Hardcore Superstar 'Abrakadabra' March, 2022

Aldo Nova ‘Life and Times of Eddie Gage 10 Song E.P. April 1, 2022

Destruction ’Diabolical’ April 8, 2022

Blind Guardian ‘Untitled’ Sept 2022

Cage 'Untitled' (no confirmation date) Early 2022

Vio-lence ‘Let The World Burn’ E.P. Early 2022

Riot Act ‘Closer To The Flame’ Early 2022

Loudness ‘Sunburst’ Early 2022

Stryper ‘Untitled’ (no confirmation date) 2022

Megadeth ‘The Sick, The Dying , The Dead’ (no confirmed on date) 2022

Sword ‘Untitled’ (no confirmed on date) 2022

Quiet Riot ‘Untitled’ (no confirmed on date) 2022

Kings X ‘Untitled’ (no confirmation on date) 2022

Queensryche ‘Untitled’ (no confirmation on date) 2022

Ghost ‘Untitled (no confirmation on date) 2022

KK's Priest "Untitled' (no confirmation date) 2022

OverKill ‘Untitled’ (no confirmation date) 2022

Anvil ‘Untitled’ (no confirmation date) 2022

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