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Udo Dirkschneider Interview, Talks New U.D.O. Album 'Game Over' & Old Gang Update

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon recently spoke to Udo Dirkschneider about his upcoming U.D.O. album "Game Over", which will be released October 22 via AFM Records

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When asked if the new album title 'Game Over' means and he will be retiring soon?

'A lot of people were thinking, GAME OVER, is this my last album or my last tour? No it isn't. The title of the album came during the recording session. The pandemic caused a lot of things. We could not work like we wanted to and we had to record in a different way. Then I don't know who mentioned the words 'Game Over' but we said a great title for the album, so let's do it."

How did you work on this album during the pandemic?

"We usually work face to face in a room with the producer but during the pandemic it was not possible. So that means we did everything over Zoom, Skype, Facetime and it took a little bit more time but of course in the end we had more time. This whole album for me was a band album effort. Everyone was really open minded. I had all these young people around me and they pushed me and they added some fresh ideas with a little bit more modern stuff."

When asked about the musical direction

"The whole thing is a really good mix up. A lot of different stuff going on, fast songs, mid tempo songs, up tempo songs, ballads, a lot of melodies, really good guitar work, what can I say I am happy."

When asked if there will be DIRKSCHNEIDER & THE OLD GANG with Ex Accept Peter Baltes (bass) and Stefan Kaufmann album in the future?

"We did the E.P. and people were saying is an album coming too? Definitely not at the moment. I would say if we have time, if we have enough ideas and we can do something in between. I would say maybe someday we can do an album together. But it would be more of a project and it would be more of a fun thing to do musically. So there won't be that expectation that a new band is coming out. Also it would not be possible to go with this lineup on tour."

Udo Dirkschneider, will release its new album "Game Over", on October 22 via AFM Records

Track listing:

01. Fear Detector

02. Holy Invaders

03. Prophecy

04. Empty Eyes

05. I See Red

06. Metal Never Dies

07. Kids And Guns

08. Like A Beast

09. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

10. Unbroken

11. Marching Tank

12. Thunder Road

13. Midnight Stranger

14. Speed Seeker

15. Time Control

16. Metal Damnation

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