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Triumph's Gil Moore Talks Guns n' Roses Use Your Illusion Recording Sessions At Metalworks Studios

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke with Triumph's Drummer and Metalworks Studios owner Gil Moore via Zoom on August 8 2020

Topics in the chat, the history and the evolution of the famous Metalworks studios, Triumph's documentary, upcoming Triumph tribute album and the possibilities of Triumph releasing new material

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Tell us about the long term success of Metalworks Studios

"When we look at the music that's what tells us where we have been and what we've done and who we have interacted with. We have just been very fortunate because a recording studio is really just a host for a musical artist or a producer or a musical entity and we have been lucky to be have hosted some great artists. I think its just one step at a time trying to do a good job for artists, the credit goes to our engineering staff "

The name of the studio was called Metalworks before the word Metal was popular, right?

"I have been questioned about that word a zillion times because in the first incarnations of the studio there was a resistance from Country artists, Jazz artists and so on cause they thought, oh those guys (at the studio) just do metal. At the time 'Metal' was a new word. First time I heard the word metal was out of John Kay's mouth from Steppenwolf and it was really a new term. We intended the 'Metal' in Metalworks to be what we understand it to be in terms of Metal in music, that was sort of intentional. "

Tell us how many Albums that sold, that came from Metalworks Studios

"At last count in (terms of album sales) some of the records that we did which originally sold a million now have now sold nine million. Our studio manager did a count and said we are closing in on 200 million. "

Guns n' Roses Use your Illusion recorded at Metalworks

Guns n Roses Use your Illusion was recorded at Metalworks what do you remember from those sessions?

"I guess the thing that I remember which was the biggest impact for me was meeting producer Michael Clink (Guns N Roses, Use your Illusion). Mike worked with Triumph just before he worked with Guns that is why Guns ended up coming to Metalworks because of Mike Clink bringing them there. We've worked together off and on right until this day and in fact in 2021 a Triumph tribute album will be released and the producer of the tribute album is in none other than Mike Clink. As far as the members of Guns n Roses at Metalworks. Duff I remember was absolutely the most kind of outgoing, gregarious, slap you on the back, hang out kind of guy. And Axl was definitely in his own space, he did some very unique drawings in the lounge and on the console, they got photographs, he was constantly doing artwork all the time. But they were good guys, a lot of the stories you hear in the press about debauchery and so on, there was nothing of that. Mike Clink is a very matter of fact record producer, he is like we are going to start at this time and go to that time and he got to accomplish something everyday. Mike is a good Sergent of arms to keep a band in line and I think that is why he lasted so long with Guns n Roses because he was the guy who was able to keep the platoon marching forward, he had that talent. "

Triumph Thunder Seven recorded at Metalworks

Any updates on the launch of the Triumph documentary

"It was slated to come out next month but I think what has happened because of Covid it has been pushed back a bit, so I am going to guess it's going to be before Christmas but I am not sure when. The film festival they were shooting for which was Toronto International Film Festival like all film festivals kind of melted during Covid so there is really no date that they are shooting for it's just kind of a no wine before its time approach now. But they are getting close to the final stage. I think it's going to be a really cool film not just for Triumph fans but for anybody that is a music fan that wants to look back to that era, they will get something out of it. Where it will be shown has yet to be determined I would think it will have a theater release, I think Netflix is a likely location I can tell you that in Canada it will be on Crave, Crave is Canada's Netflix. It will be on Crave in Canada for sure cause I know that that distribution deal has been made but in America and Europe the deals are still pending, so Netflix would be a good guess but it could end up elsewhere. For the theater run I would expect it to be different for Canada than it is for the United States but there will be some kind of event in both countries I would imagine it would be with Cineplex up here."

Rush Vapour Trails recorded at Metalworks

Will there be any new music or unreleased music from Triumph?

"They just released not too long ago the 120 gram version of Allied Forces and next up is the (Triumph) Tribute album that I mentioned with Mike Clink (Producer) and the tribute album is going to have some fantastic guests on it including a return of Phil X. I'm going to guess that the tribute album is going to be out maybe the spring of 2021, Mike Clink was starting to record it in Los Angeles in July 2020 but was having trouble getting studio availability cause of Covid but he will be starting up this month, August 2020. And on top of that, I know that there is a (Triumph) box set being put together by Round Hill Records that is going to be a blockbuster. There has never been a really thorough big box set done on Triumph and this one is going to be a five star version. They are just working on the artwork and I know they are going to be looking for unusual aspects in terms of recordings and it will definitely contain vinyl, how much vinyl I don't know. "

Will the band ever record again?

"It's hard to say there is nothing stopping us obviously Metalworks is still there. Mike, Rik and I have kicked around the idea of going back into the studio. We are all quite busy, so finding the time to do it and the musical inspiration and so on it could happen, we will see."

Metalworks Studios is a music recording studio in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It was established in 1978 by Gil Moore of the Canadian rock group Triumph. Over a span of 40 years, Metalworks is the 17 time recipient of Canadian Music Week's 'Studio of the Year'. Since 1978 Metalworks Studios, has expanded into a six studio facility offering in-house tracking, mixing and mastering, as well as video editing and DVD authoring.

In 2004, Metalworks Studios launched an adjacent educational facility; Metalworks Institute.

Metalworks Studios has won 17 'Studio of the Year' awards at Canadian Music Week from 1998–2015


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