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Tony Martin"I Think The Black Sabbath Sound Guy Got Paid More Than Me But I Have Nothing Bad To Say"

Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin about his upcoming solo album 'Thorns' that will be released on January 14, 2022 via Battlegod Productions and Dark Star Records.

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Excerpt from Interview

Describe the musical direction on his new solo album 'Thorns' ?

"If you listen to this album, that is what is in my head, that is what my head does it flips from one kind of thing to another, so you got a mixture of really heavy stuff and some unplugged acoustic stuff. There are a lot of melodies, there is always a story, everything I write has to have a story. There has to be a beginning and middle and an end. There are also lots of friends (artists) on the album."

Did it bother you how Tony Iommi portrayed you in his autobiography?

"I did not read the book but people have told me about it. My story in Black Sabbath has not been told yet. I am 12 years younger than them, it was like being the younger brother. The experience they had was way more than I ever had, so there was a disconnection between me and the rest of the guys and I was always trying to keep up with them, it was a constant learning curve all the time when I was with them. On top of that they had like four managers and they don't speak directly to you. I don't doubt what Iommi feels, until you hear the other side of the story. There are lots of stories from my side that don't get told."

Will it be another ten years before another solo album?

"I doubt it, so I am already writing more with Scott and he is a great guy to work with and it reminds me of many ways of working with Tony Iommi. So the label has asked me to write some more tracks and then they will release a double vinyl later on in the year. But Scott has also sent me 39 new tracks. It won't be too long in the future before we start writing more. "

Any chance of working together with Tony Iommi going out on tour

"Honestly I don't think it will happen."

Any issues over the years with record companies not paying you

"Loads of issues everyone has issues and you have to be grateful for whatever comes but if the albums are not on sale you are not going to get any royalties. The whole Tony Martin Black

Sabbath Era is not on sale so I don't get a penny from Black Sabbath. (exception Eternal Idol). I don't get a penny from Black Sabbath cause the albums are just not on sale."

Tell us about meeting Eddie Van Halen (demo Black Sabbath Evil Eye)

"As a guitar player what can you say, the dude was just talented. Van Halen was on tour in England at the time I didn't even know he was coming, so Tony Iommi just turned up with Eddie Van Halen. What you are kidding me? Eddie just popped in for a jam. I had an 8 track recording machine so I just pressed play record. I did get the recording of Eddie playing with us which was just amazing and in no time he was gone and I never saw him again. Eddie just came in, brought his guitar and plugged into one of Iommi's amps and they just jammed and played. As soon as the recording starts you can tell who is who but it sounds great. "

More on your time with Black Sabbath

"I think the sound guy got paid more than me (laughs). But I can't complain too much after all Black Sabbath is what got me out into the world and it's the reason why people know my name, my voice and ultimately it's the reason why I am here doing 'Thorns' now. That voice has carried me from what I developed way back when. Sabbath is important, it's got a great story and lot's of great people have been involved in it and I have nothing bad to say about any of them really."

Thorns” track-listing:

  1. As The World Burns

  2. Black Widow Angel

  3. Book Of Shadows

  4. Crying Wolf

  5. Damned By You

  6. No Shame At All

  7. No Where To Fly

  8. Passion Killer

  9. Run Like The Devil

  10. This Is Your Damnation

  11. Thorns

Tony Martin, is an English heavy metal vocalist, best known for his time fronting Black Sabbath, initially from 1987 to 1991 and again from 1993 to 1997. Martin was the band's second-longest-serving vocalist after Ozzy Osbourne.

Tony Martin Appeared on 5 Black Sabbath Album

The Eternal Idol (1987)

Headless Cross (1989)

Tyr (1990)

Cross Purposes (1994)

Forbidden (1995)

Ex- Black Sabbath Tony Martin 'Thorns' Solo Album Review & Most Anticipated 2022 Metal Albums

The new album will feature Danny Needham (VENOM), Magnus Rosen (HAMMERFALL), Scott McClellan (who helped co-write the album) and Greg Smith who performed with Alice Cooper, RAINBOW, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, and many more. Stay tuned for further details.

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