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The New Bruce Dickinson Solo Album Is Being Worked On & Sounds Brilliant Says Producer Roy Z

For The Metal Voice Former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin spoke to Producer Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford) at the Bowl for Ronnie Charityon Thursday, November 17, 2022 at PINZ Bowling Center in Studio City, California

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When asked if he had any updates on the upcoming Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) Solo album

"I can't really say much, it's being worked on, it sounds fabulous and all that, actually it sounds brilliant. "

When asked about working with Rob Halford

"What we did for Robo back in those days it was cool. I was just at the Hall of Fame celebration and it was so cool to see Richie Faulkner and K.K.(Downing) heads spinning with their blond hair and Scott Travis, Tipton and Ian. The bottom line is we can never forget the meaningfulness of heavy metal and what it means to come from humble beginnings and to create it to another level, to where you create the new sound of the steel. And Les Binks I got to hang out with him and it was such a rad moment to see Les Binks and Scott Travis just rock out together at the Rock N Roll hall of Fame. It was so amazing to see everybody together."

When asked about his future plans

"I have a lot of things going on. Right now I am focusing on things with Bruce and working on my legacy, I'm writing three books right now."

The BOWL FOR RONNIE, which returns after a three-year hiatus due to covid, will once again be hosted by television and radio personality Eddie Trunk, who is heard on SiriusXM’s 103 Faction Talk channel.

100% of the net proceeds from the BOWL FOR RONNIE will go to the Dio Cancer Fund (, which is now in its 12th year of raising awareness and much-needed funding for cancer research.

The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund was formed in memory of the legendary rock singer Ronnie James Dio, who lost his life to gastric cancer in 2010. A privately funded 501(c)(3) charity organization dedicated to cancer prevention, research and education, the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund has already raised over $2 million in its history. Monies raised have been committed to the cancer research work of the T. J. Martell Foundation for Cancer, AIDS and Leukemia Research, the gastric cancer research unit of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where Ronnie was treated for gastric cancer during the last six months of his life, and other cancer research projects. The Dio Cancer Fund has committed funds to support the research of Dr. David Wong and his team at the UCLA School of Dentistry in developing a simple, non-invasive saliva test for the early detection of cancer, which is in keeping with the Fund’s mission of cancer prevention, research and education.

For more information, visit:

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