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The Metal Voice's Top 10 Metal Albums of 1996 w/ Todd La Torre From Queensrÿche

Watch as The Metal Voice with Jimmy Kay, Alan Dixon and Queensryche singer Todd La Torre as they count down the top 10 metal album of 1996.

1996 a dark era, at ground zero where metal starts to mutate and reinvent itself redefining the term heavy Metal. Nu Metal, Alternative metal, Goth Metal ect....

Don't Call It Hair Metal: Art In The Excess Of The 80's Rock w/ Sean Kelly (Lee Aaron, Coney Hatch)

Iron Maiden Monopoly Unboxing- Plus KK's PRIEST - One More Shot At Glory Review / Reaction

Metal Sludge CEO, Tuff's Stevie Rachelle Interview- Tuff Re-Release- Glam & Hair Metal?

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