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The Lucid-David Ellefson Former Megadeth & Filmmaker Drew Fortier Interview Plus 'Dwellers' Film

The Metal Voice East Coast journalist Kenny Kessel caught up with former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and filmmaker Drew Fortier at the Chiller Theatre convention at the Hilton Parsippany, NJ on Oct 30, 2021.

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When asked if The Lucid will be a touring band

"Drew (Fortier) calls me one day and says I'm going to change the header on your Facebook Page and he puts the 'L' logo. He did and apparently it made international news, people seem to be interested so thank you for that. From there we started throwing some songs out just to test the waters cause we planned on releasing (an Album) in October 2021, from there people seemed to really like it. Phones are ringing to our agents, so he is actually booking some shows for us with shows overseas as well. So there are definitely some live performances."

What is next for The Lucid

"It's funny we actually have a drop box full of new ideas" David Ellefson

"Album number two is in the works" Drew Fortier

When asked about the movie Dwellers produced by Ellefson and directed by Fortier

"Drew calls me up and says hey do you want to get involved with this and I said sure you know me and my motto always is say yes, I'm in, why not? " Ellefson

"I shot it for zero dollars, over five non consecutive days in 2019. I put it together out of love and it's a super fun thing, it is like C.H.U.D. (1984 Movie) and Blair Witch." Drew Fortier

When asked if it bothered Ellefson that Megadeth removed his bass tracks on their upcoming Megadeth studio album

"They did what they did, I don't think they had to do that, I asked them not to. But they did what they did."

When asked if he got the call again would he go back to Megadeth

"I don't have any ill will, him (Mustaine) or them (Megadeth). "

"The Lucid" was produced by Heller and mixed/mastered by Lasse Lammert.

Track listing:

01. Maggot Wind

02. Deaths Of Despair

03. Spoiler Head

04. Hair

05. Maskronaut

06. Damned

07. Breech Boy

08. Pigs And Sons

09. Parade Of Spit

The Lucid is-

vocals: Vinnie Dombroski (Sponge)

guitar: Drew Fortier

bass: David Ellefson

drums: Mike Heller (Raven, Fear Factory, Malignancy)

Dwellers is an American found footage horror film written by, directed by, and starring Drew Fortier. The plot of the film follows a documentary crew who eventually go missing while uncovering the truths behind the disappearances within a homeless community. The film stars Drew Fortier, James L. Edwards, and Douglas Esper as themselves

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