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Testament's Chuck Billy To Attend Metallica / Raven Tribute Show For Jonny & Marsha Zazula

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke Testament's Singer Chuck Billy in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Sept 30, 2022 on The Bay Strikes Back tour with Death Angel and Exodus.

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When asked about the upcoming Metallica Tribute show in Florida and the legacy of Jon And Marsha Zazula

"I'm gonna be at that show as well, I'm gonna go down there. I own my life to (Jonny) because he signed the band and gave us a chance to be recognized as a band first of all. And even after the first two records on Megaforce records we and a handful of bands went to Atlantic Records but still we kept in contact a long time over the years. I'd say maybe it was eight years ago we started a management company together. So I got to speak to Jonny and Marsha all the time, every day and me and my wife spent a lot of vacation time with them either in the Bahamas or Mexico or they would come stay at our house. So we really had a close Bond. The thing about Jonny was, even up to the last few days of his life he's was always been a guy thinking of something. You should try this, or hey this is an idea, till the end, if he thought of something he made it happen you know. And of course we got to reap that benefit of being on Megaforce (Records) with Jonny a true legend. And Marsha she was actually the one behind Jonny. He would have the idea and she would say, Jonny you're crazy or yeah let's do it. Marsha was really the boss. I love them both, I miss them both because the connection we had and talking to him every day, I missed that you know and so he'll be missed. So Metallica is doing a great thing in Florida with Raven. I'll be there. I'll be supporting them. I'm there in spirit for Johnny and Marsha."

When asked about Dave Lambardo recently joining the band and if he had to re-audition to join

"Of course not , no audition needed, no. It's been really great Dave's been kicking ass, the fans love him being back playing Testament songs."

When asked about the possibility of playing a Slayer tune during this tour.

"We talked about it, especially since Gary Holt from Exodus played with Slayer. I mean we talked about doing that but it just hasn't happened yet."

When asked about the status of his long awaited Solo Album

" I've got a lot of tracks from different guitar players that have sent me tracks but you know there's so much to be done in Testament. I'm still promoting this record (Titan's of Creation) it's not time, that's just something I want to do eventually and hopefully fit it in after. Right after this tour we have time off until April and so we're gonna go right away and start working on the New Testament record. "

When asked if there are any new musical directions outside the box the band wants to tackle on the next Studio album

"I think Titans of Creation to me was outside of the box because of the way we've always worked. At the end of the day (Titans of Creation) just came out great. All the songs are so different but still Testament and that was the beauty of just me trying to figure it out and be out of my comfort zone and I think that made for a better record. "

Any other update on a new Testament Studio album?

"October 15th is the last show of this tour, so we'll work right up to Christmas and then right after New Year's we'll get right back at it. I know Eric (Peterson) and Alex (Skolnick) have been working and jamming together and I hear there's an epic song that's been created. I haven't heard it yet but I hear it's epic, that's all they say. It's epic. That's the word they throw at me so we'll see. I think Testament will always stay in the vein of Testament and not not follow Trends or follow what's hip today. We want to kind of stay Testament because I hear it from fans when you talk to them. They always say, thank you for being who you are for so long, so we just have to continue that."

Oct. 01 - London, ON - London Music Hall (buy tickets)

Oct. 03 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Piere's (buy tickets)

Oct. 04 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave (buy tickets)

Oct. 06 - Winnipeg, MB - Burton Cummings Theatre (buy tickets)

Oct. 08 - Calgary, AB - Palace Theatre (buy tickets)

Oct. 10 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore (buy tickets)

Oct. 12 - Ventura, CA - Majestic Ventura Theater (buy tickets)

Oct. 13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern (buy tickets)

Oct. 14 - Reno, NV - Cargo (buy tickets)

Oct. 15 - San Jose, CA - San Jose Civic (buy tickets)

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