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Stryper-"Do Unto Others" - Watch Official Video Premiere Here

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The official lyric video for "Do unto Others", the new single from openly Christian hard rockers STRYPER. The song is taken from the band's forthcoming album, "Even The Devil Believes", which will be released today on September 4 via Frontiers Music Srl.

Watch here

The official lyric video for , the new single from openly Christian hard rockers STRYPER. The song is taken from the band's forthcoming album, "Even The Devil Believes", which will be released on September 4 via Frontiers Music Srl.

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon recently spoke to Stryper's frontman Michael Sweet on Sept 4 2020. Topics in the chat include a rundown of the tracks on the new album The Devil Even Believes, (via Frontiers). Sweet's reaction to a controversial album review (link here) recently posted online and details about an up and coming in studio live album that the band will be releasing in the coming weeks.

Photo by Pedro Blanco

Photo by Chad Barger

Watch interview here

"Make Love Great Again" Watch here

Once again proving their lasting durability, iconic rock band Stryper returns with their 13th studio album, "Even the Devil Believes". Filled with the band’s signature riffs, harmony-laden melodies and positive themes, the 11-track project is Stryper’s first studio album with Perry Richardson (Firehouse) on bass and background vocals.

“We’re incredibly happy to write a new chapter in the book of Stryper,” says vocalist/guitarist Michael Sweet, who has served as the band’s primary songwriter since its inception in 1983. “This album was recorded during the pandemic, and I believe the message pertains to the times we are living in so perfectly. It’s a recording of hope and inspiration and a light in the darkest of times.” Sweet, who also produced the new album, revealed that the band members delivered focused determination, a collaborative spirit and spot-on execution for the new record. The result is a collection of remarkable songs that will leave a strong impact on listeners. “It has an energy unlike any other album we’ve done,” he asserts. “We even pulled a song from the past that has never been heard or released, and by doing so we brought a little bit of 1989 back into the mix.” Standout tracks include “Blood From Above,” “Make Love Great Again,” “Do Unto Others,” “How to Fly,” “Divider,” and the heart-stirring ballad, “This I Pray.” “The music and lyrics are rock-solid,” says Sweet. “God really blessed this one and hopefully it will bless everyone who hears it as well.”

Stryper is renowned for its distinctive brand of “heavenly metal,” extraordinary crossover success and venerable endurance. The group ascended to prominence in the 1980s with Billboard Top 40 hits like “Calling on You,” “Honestly,” and “Always There for You,” and has maintained a global fanbase ever since. Stryper is the first band to ever have two songs in MTV’s Top 10 simultaneously with their hits “Free” and “Honestly.” To date, the Dove Award-winning and GRAMMY-nominated band has sold over 10 million albums worldwide. Today, some 35+ years after emerging from the southern California nightclub scene, the foursome continues to record, tour and perform for loyal fans around the world. Comprised of original members Michael Sweet (lead vocals, guitar), Robert Sweet (drums), and Oz Fox (guitar), plus the addition of seasoned bassist Perry Richardson (formerly of Firehouse), the group finds itself creating their finest, most powerful music yet. # 777 # Track Listing for “Even the Devil Believes”: 1. Blood From Above 2. Make Love Great Again 3. Let Him In 4. Do Unto Others 5. Even The Devil Believes 6. How To Fly 7. Divider 8. This I Pray 9. Invitation Only 10. For God & Rock 'N' Roll 11. Middle Finger Messiah

Stryper releases new single called Blood From Above. Stryper returns September 4th with their 13th studio album, "Even the Devil Believes" (Frontiers Music Srl

Michael Sweet described the song in an Instagram post as "metal," "powerful," "relevant" and "life changing." He added: "It is most definitely one of the best tracks we've ever recorded and it couldn't come at a better time."

Listen here

Last September, Sweet told The Metal Voice about the musical direction of STRYPER's follow-up to 2018's "God Damn Evil": "It's gonna be aligned with the last album, but taking it a step further. We're gonna do some things where people are gonna hear it and go, 'You've gotta be kidding me,' that's gonna surprise and shock people in a really good way. It's gonna be a metal album — it's not gonna be a pop album or pop-rock or glam metal and all these silly terms. It's gonna be a metal album. And we're gonna really pull some things out of the hat, man, and try to blow people's minds."

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