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Stephen Pearcy' Unless Original Ratt Is Working On A New Record, My Music Will Be on My Solo Album'

In a recent Facebook post Stephen Pearcy has stated," SEPearcy and bassist

Jerry Montano at Pearcy’s working on new music. Stephen say’s; “Again writing for my band

RATT, but I don’t think we should fuck with the integrity anymore, I tried to make a record happen pre covid. Frustrating, so unless the original band is working on a new record, it’ll end up on my next solo record due summer 2021.” He went on on another post, "in the studio Tomm putting vocals on a soon to be released epic song."

In mid-October 2020, Ratt announced that new music would be released in 2021. However, a few days later, Pearcy announced that he would be booking solo shows and that Ratt would not be recording any new music anytime soon (Sleaze Roxx).

Above photo by Jimmy Kay for The Metal Voice

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