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Stephen Pearcy Says Motley Crue, Mick Mars Replacement Drama Has Been Going On Since 1982

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

In a recent tweet response to The Metal Voice on Twitter, Ratt Vocalist weighed in on the Motely Replacement Drama on Mick Mars.



Stephen Pearcy Photo by The Metal Voice

Stephen Pearcy responded to a recent Metal Voice posts (Tweet) in regards to an interview with bassist Bob Daisley (On The Metal Voice on Nov 2021) when Bob states he tried to convince Motely Crue not to fire Mick Mars around 1984 on the Bark at the Moon tour.

Pearcy wrote

"Sorry kids, it’s been going on since circa 82. Why, Robbin (“King” Crosby) and I never understood. This was during the gladiators period. If Robbin was around he’d speak up on this mess in a second, believe me. And NOT be to happy. I’ve told my Ratt tale already."

Who were the Gladiators according to the late Robin Crosby?

"We had a street gang called the Gladiators. Nikki Sixx was the leader, Stephen Pearcy was Ratt Patrol Leader, Vince Neil was Field Marshall, Tommy Lee was Duke, and I was King! Sunset Boulevard was happening, and we were the sleaziest drunk guys you could meet. It was all for fun, you know? Ratt even played two shows under the name the Gladiators because the club wouldn’t book us under our own name." Robin Crosby Source

Interview with Bob Daisley on The Metal Voice

When asked how he convinced Motley Crue not to fire Mick Mars

"That night after the show Mick Mars went on our Bus (with Ozzy on the Bark at the Moon tour) and I went on their bus so I was the only one from Ozzy that went on their bus. And they were having a meeting. What they were planning on doing was getting rid of Mick and getting another guitarist in and they asked me for my opinion. So I said if you want my opinion for what it's worth I would say do not try to fix something that is not broken. I said I have seen it before with Lee Kerslake in the Blizzard of Ozz. I said you got a chemistry there, you got a functioning unit, Mick Mars is part of that don't Fuc*k it up. Don't do it. I think I saved Mick that night cause they were serious about getting someone else. Mick was good for the band, he was part of the sound of the delivery of what they did."

As reported on Blabbermouth

Mars's attorney Edwin McPherson filed the lawsuit on behalf of the guitarist in Los Angeles County's Superior Court on Thursday (April 6),requesting that seven corporate entities associated with MÖTLEY CRÜE hand over records related to their business dealings after he notified the band that he would be retiring from touring due to a medical condition. Mars claims the other members of the band formed a campaign to kick him out of the group and remove him from his ownership in the band's company.

In the lawsuit, Mick said MÖTLEY CRÜE cut his percentage of profits after he announced he was stepping back from touring. Furthermore, he claimed the band's lawyers made him feel like he should be grateful for even that small cut, because they didn't feel they owed him anything at all. Mick also claimed there was a full band meeting and they decided to "unilaterally" remove him from MÖTLEY CRÜE.

Mick also repeatedly accused bassist Nikki Sixx of "gaslighting" him about his guitar skills diminishing, despite the fact that Sixx didn't "play a single note on bass" during a recent tour, according to the guitarist. Mick claims all of Nikki's parts were pre-recorded.

On Thursday, Sixx tweeted out a link to a Variety story on MÖTLEY CRÜE's response to Mick's lawsuit, and he included the following message: "Sad day for us and we don't deserve this considering how many years we've been propping him up-We still wish him the best and hope he find's lawyers and managers who aren’t damaging him. We love you Mick".

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