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Saxon Drummer Nigel Glockler "With Us, We Just Enjoy Writing, That Is What We Are In It For"

Long Time Saxon Drummer Nigel Glockler recently spoke to The Metal Voice about the bands 23rd studio Album 'Carpe Diem' which will be released Feb 4, 2022 via Silver Lining. Glockler also gave some band updates and his opinion on the metal guys Top 10 Saxon songs.

Watch Here full interview here

Excerpts from the interview

When the new album compared to the last album

"The Pandemic obviously screwed up the timeline, I actually recorded the drums at the end of 2019. We have changed a few things since. The original release date for the album was February of last year but the Pandemic hit and the record company didn't want to release it cause you couldn't go on tour. I think the Pandemic just gave us more time to hone things down. "

When asked about how the band continues to release new music while other bands just rely on playing their greatest hits

" With us (Saxon) we just enjoy writing, that is what we are in It for and doing new albums and coming up with new music. This is the way we do it, seems to be working ok so far. (laughs).

When asked about what is next for Saxon

"We did those two gigs last weekend, Hammersmith and Manchester and the next thing for us is festival season. So we got about two three months off so we already started thinking about getting ideas ready for the next album, rather than waste time, let's get ahead of the game so when that time comes around we are in good shape."

Carpe Diem Track Listing:

Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)

Age of Steam

The Pilmgrimage


Remember the Fallen

Super Nova

Lady In Gray

All for One

Black is the Night

Living On the Limit

'Seize the Album' Feb 4 2022


Pre-order here

Produced by Andy Sneap and Biff Byford

Album mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap

Guitars recorded by Andy Sneap at Backstage Recording Studios, Derbyshire (UK); Vocals recorded by Seb Byford at Big Silver Barn, York (UK); Drums recorded by Jacky Lehmann (Audiosound) at Velbyproductions, Grünenplan (Germany).

All lyrics by Biff Byford. Backing vocals by Seb Byford







SAXON - Remember The Fallen (Official Video)

Saxon - Carpe Diem (Seize The Day) [Official Video]

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