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Sabaton Singer Recalls Storming The Stage While Ex Iron Maiden Blaze Bayley Was Playing

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon interview Sabaton singer Joakim Brodén about the band's upcoming new studio album 'The War to End all Wars' . Plus he recalls his memories of the Judas Priest tour that got cancelled when Richie Faulkner got a ruptured aorta and recalls Blaze Bayley encounter.

On March 3, Sabaton will release their latest album, "The War To End All Wars".

Watch full interview here

When asked about the time when the Sabaton band members jumped on stage while former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley

"Blaze is a nice guy, we surprised / crashed his show in Warsaw (Poland) many years ago, 6-8 years ago. We were down in Warsaw for promotion and doing interviews with Par (Sundström) and we were also going to a fan club meeting and we found out Blaze Bayley was playing the next day. Chris (Rörland guitarist of Sabaton) is a huge Iron Maiden fan so we called up Chris and said Chris dude what are you doing tomorrow? Go to Falun pick up our stage clothes and get your ass to the first plane to Warsaw. So he actually flew down early the next morning, we talked to the promoter and he sneak us in backstage while Blaze was playing. So them me, Chris and Par stormed the stage and surprised Blaze as he was playing an Iron Maiden track and then we had a lot to drink."

When asked about the new album "Our previous album 'The Great War' obviously dealt with the same conflict and when we were doing that album we had two stories that we really wanted and those were the 'Christmas Truce' and the story of the Harlem 'Hellfighters' but we didn't have the right music and we thought we would do them another time. That in combination of when we released 'The Great War' there are such an amount of books and emails from fans and friends telling us stories, saying have you heard about this. And a lot of moments it was like how we haven't heard about this, how did we miss this. Since we couldn't tour if we don't do another album we can tell some of the stories our fans and friends told us." When asked about what the band saw while opening for Judas Priest band when Richie Faulkner had fell down from a ruptured aorta during a concert in late September "I had not idea he (Richie) fell at all, I didn't watch their show I was probably in the dressing room showers the whole time. We came back to the tour bus and a few of us were drinking and some of the Judas Priest crew came in our bus. A few of them said you hear about Richie, he had to go with Paramedics, that was it. We were like ok he had to go with the Paramedics he wasn't feeling good, that is all we knew. So we kept on blasting Van Halen and jumping in the tour bus pretty much. We felt like assholes the next morning in Kansas City and were told he was undergoing 10.5 hours of surgery. We did not know until the day after. Then we managed to do one final show in Denver, Colorado cause we were already going to be there and we thought, is this going to be the last show or this tour? We booked a venue in 24 hours, it filled up and a whole bunch of Sabaton fans made it."

"The War To End All Wars" track listing:

01. Sarajevo

02. Stormtroopers

03. Dreadnought

04. The Unkillable Soldier

05. Soldier Of Heaven

06. Hellfighters

07. Race To The Sea

08. Lady Of The Dark

09. The Valley Of Death

10. Christmas Truce

11. Versailles

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