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Riot Act 'Closer To The Flame' Album Review

The band Riot Act has released their new album, “Closer To The Flame” (April 1, 2022) on Global Rock Records. By Milwaukee Tom

Riot Act is the band that had featured former Riot members Rick Ventura on Guitar and fellow original Riot guitarist Lou Kouvaris. Sadly, Lou passed away in March of 2020. After a period of uncertainty, the band decided to carry on… and that is good news for us!

The band’s roster is Rick Ventura - Guitar, Don Chaffin - Vocals, Paul Ranieri - Bass and Claudio Galinski on Drums. They’re primarily a New York based band, Claudo is Argentinian but is located in New York, and the 3 other members are originally from the New York area.

“Closer To The Flame” features 10 original Tracks that clock in at around 37 minutes. There is also a 2nd disc/side of 12 re-recorded Riot Tracks from Riot’s first 3 albums, such as “Rock City,” “Road Racin” and “Swords and Tequila.” And those re-recordings are very good.

On to the new Tracks…

This is a straight ahead, hard rock album with most of the Songs being mid to up-tempo. The Tracks are shorter and to the point, there aren’t any long, drawn out boring Tracks here. Quite the opposite. These are catchy, really good songs that will keep you interested throughout the entire album. There’s a slower Song - “Almost There,” and a faster Track, “Right Between The Eyes,” for a bit of a change up. The other standouts like “Straight For Your Heart” and “Rock Love and Roll,” kick it into high gear. This is a real good album and all the players do a great job. There are times when Don’s voice sounds quite similar to the original lead singer of Riot, Guy Speranza. But it isn’t a forced thing, Don’s an excellent vocalist in his own right. And, if you like bass guitar, you’re going to like this album. The bass is immense, and Paul is a monster player. Claudio and of course Rick, add their great playing to create a very good, catchy, straight ahead hard rock album. Well done guys!

7.5 Rating out of 10.

Track Listing:

01. Closer To The Flame

02. Wanted

03. Straight For Your Heart

04. Smoking Gun

05. Almost There

06. Stand Or Fall

07. Love Come Round

08. Angelina

09. Right Between The Eyes

10. Rock Love And Roll

CD2 - Classic Riot songs (re-recorded):

01. Rock City

02. 49er

03. Swords And Tequila

04. Overdrive

05. No Lies

06. Tokyo Rose

07. Warrior

08. Don’t Hold Back

09. White Rock

10. Outlaw

11. Road Racing

12. Altar Of The King

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