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Queensryche Singer Todd LaTorre Releases New Video From Solo Album 'Vexed' Watch Here

Todd La Torre (Queensrÿche) Releases Official Video "Vexed" from his debut studio album "Rejoice In The Suffering" Which was released on February 5 2021 via Rat Pak Records.

Watch here

Directed by Thomas Crane/KillDevil Films

Available in stores now or at: - Also available on iTunes: and Amazon:

Currently playing select dates throughout the United States, Queensrÿche vocalist Todd La Torre returns to his solo album, Rejoice In The Suffering. Todd is releasing a thought-provoking music video that shows Todd on a desolate street before changing to footage of global unrest throughout time.

The video features Todd and songwriting partner Craig Blackwell handing all of the instruments as Todd sings “Can’t take no more. A nation in distress.” The age-restricted clip was directed by Thomas Crane/killDevil Films and can be seen below.

“’Vexed’ highlights the unfortunate reality that many nations and its people are facing. Past and present parallels of civil rights movements, social injustices, and the uprisings surrounding geopolitical landscapes are woven throughout the exposé, displaying overt footage from various countries with no exclusivity. Despite its thought provoking and unfiltered content, Thomas Crane of killDevil Films really drove home the vision that Craig and I wanted to convey. This video is really an artistic collage of performance, the ominous side of humanity, and unwavering altruistic heroism," says Todd La Torre. "The overall point and message is that we must learn and understand the profound significance of the past and present if we are to have salutary progress for the future."

As global touring came to a sudden and unexpected halt earlier this year, Todd La Torre used his pandemic downtime to put the finishing touches on his debut solo album, Rejoice In The Suffering. Todd teamed up with longtime friend and collaborator Craig Blackwell and alongside producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris created a diverse heavy metal album that draws influence from different styles. Mixing and mastering was handled by Zeuss.

From the album's opening riffs of “Dogmata” to the vocal acrobatics that drive the album closer "Apology," it is apparent that Todd La Torre has a true love of heavy metal. The deluxe version of the album features three bonus tracks: “Fractured,” “Set It Off” and “One by One.”

Rejoice In The Suffering tracklisting:

"Dogmata" "Pretenders" "Hellbound And Down" "Darkened Majesty" "Crossroads To Insanity" "Critical Cynic" "Rejoice In The Suffering" "Vexed" "Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall" "Apology"

Bonus Tracks (Deluxe Version Only):

"Fractured" "Set It Off" "One By One"

Queensryche Singer Todd LaTorre Interview Talks Solo Album 'Rejoice In The Suffering'

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