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Potential K.K.'s Priest Tour Might Include Guest Spots For Ex Judas Priest Drummer Les Binks

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee for Ex Judas Priest Drummer Les Binks.

In the chat, Les Binks spoke about his current tour plans with Les Binks' Priesthood, getting inducted in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame and the extent of his participation in KK's Priest.

Watch Full Chat here

When asked his future touring plans

"I'm waiting to see about KK's band might (tour) and there might be some guest spots for me, I haven't had any tour dates yet but I'm waiting to see what develops. "

When asked if he was part of the upcoming KK's Priest Studio album

"I chatted to him (K.K. Downing ) about this and I think there was problems regarding getting (KK's) management sorted out and getting tour dates set up so he just decided to press on with (KK's Priest) album Number Two. Now the thing is that there's another drummer involved in the band. So I presume he's played on this album as well. The only time that I would be involved (KK's Priest) would be through a live situation as a guest performer. So as I say until there's some dates that are like actually confirmed I'll have to wait and see what develops there."

Binks joined the up-and-coming Judas Priest in March 1977 for their world tour. Binks remained with the band for two and a half years, until July 1979, recording the studio albums Stained Class and Killing Machine and the live album Unleashed in the East. Binks received a writing credit for the song "Beyond the Realms of Death" from the album Stained Class.

In 2022, Binks was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Judas Priest via the Award for Musical Excellence.

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