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Original RIOT Guitarist LA Kouvaris’ Son to Release Tribute Music Video for His Father’s Passing

Nearly eight months after LA Kouvaris’ death from COVID-19, his son, Alex Kouvaris, is ready to face the public again with an incredible tribute to his father. The pop punk duo 'Quiet Like A Thief' consists of Alex Kouvaris and Ryan Sweeney will be releasing a brand new single entitled “LAK,” along with a music video which will premiere on VEVO on Dec 4th 2020.

Vocalist Alex Kouvaris explains, “Due to COVID-19, my father was unable to have a proper wake or funeral. We were forced to host a service via Zoom, and there was absolutely no closure. All I can do is hope that it was in fact his body laid to rest. When he was admitted into ICU, I couldn’t see him, I couldn’t talk to him, and I had to find ways to cope with such a tragic loss from states away. I wrote this song for him, and my band has shot an incredible music video as a tribute to honor the kind of man he was. My band, Quiet Like A Thief, had the amazing opportunity to work Alan Day of Four Year Strong, who produced, mixed and mastered the song, and Yeah! Films and RYE Offices Inc who produced and edited the music video. Ryan and I found beauty in this disaster, taking advantage of our time during COVID to create a positive outlet and to finally write music together again. It’s a tribute my father deserves. Music couldn’t have been a more perfect outlet to express such a tragic loss, and I hope that some way, somehow, he comes across this.”

The music video features LA Kouvaris’ iconic black Les Paul with white pick guard; a staple in his musical career. The band is expected to release the song and music video on December 4th , 2020, available for streaming and purchase across all platforms, worldwide.

The late Lou Kouvaris and Riot Act at the Metal Hall of Fame Gala 2020

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