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New Thor Video 'We Fight Forever' Ft. Former Anthrax Singer Neil Turbin Watch Here

Canada's Metal Avenger Thor releases his new video 'We Fight Forever' featuring former Anthrax Singer and The Metal Voice Journalist Neil Turbin. Clips from the video were taken from an off set upcoming film ' Pact Of Vengeance' which Thor will be co-starring in. Performance clips in the video were taken from a surprise secret set for invited fans on July 31, 2021.

Watch here

We Fight Forever

Vulcan Sky Entertainment Group Ltd

Written by: Jon Mikl Thor / Kevin Stuart Swain

Lead Vocals: Jon Mikl Thor / Neil Turbin

Guitar - Lance Reegan-Diehl

Keyboards - Darryl Hebert

Bass - Kevin Stuart Swain

Drums - Scott Young

Mixed by Scott Young

Mastered by Achim Koehler

Video Credits

Frank Soda - Guitar

Kevin Stuart Swain - Bass

Rick Fedyk - Drums

Videography: Jack Kao

Editing: Kevin Stuart Swain

Pact Of Vengeance scenes courtesy of Len Kabasinski and Killer Wolf Films

The album, Alliance, includes special guest appearances from Soilwork vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid, W.A.S.P.'s Chris Holmes, Raven vocalist John Gallagher, Danko Jones, Anthrax's Neil Turbin, Ross “The Boss” Friedman and many more. It features stunning artwork from Timo Wuerz and is available on both digital as well as on CD in a digipak and limited-edition silver vinyl in a gatefold jacket.


“We Need Musclerock” feat. John Gallagher (Raven) “Niflhel (Realm Of The Dead)” feat. Björn Strid (Soilwork) “The Ultimate Alliance” feat. Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.), Ross “The Boss” Friedman (Manowar), Nina Osegueda (A Sound Of Thunder) & Fang VonWrathenstein (Lords Of The Trident) “Ode To Odin” feat. Dan Cleary (Striker) “We Will Fight Forever” feat. Neil Turbin (Anthrax) “Because We Are Strong” “Rock Around The World” feat. Danko Jones “Queen Of The Spiders” feat. Frank Soda (The Imps) “Power Hungry” “Bounty Hunter” feat. Frank Meyer (The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs) & Dennis Post (Warrior Soul) “Battlements” feat. Trevor William Church (Haunt) “Thor vs. The Juggernaut (War Of The Gods)” feat. Sean Peck (Death Dealer) “Generation Now” feat. Joey Killingsworth (Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre) “After The Laughter” feat. Martin Gummesson (Thundermaker) “Good Stuff” feat. Al Harlow (Prism) “Congregate” feat. Joey Roads & Sheldon Byer (Roadrash) “We Will Fight Forever” (Reprise)

“Because We Are Strong” video:

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