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Michael Sweet-New Stryper Album To be More Groove Oriented Metal, Aiming At End of 2022 Release

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Stryper's Michael Sweet. Sweet spoke about the upcoming Stryper album.

Watch complete interview here

When asked about the upcoming new Stryper album

"The options for the new album were to postpone it because of my eye. I have a long road to recovery to be able to see out of this eye so I am going to be wearing a patch for a while. I realized when I started writing the album just two and a half three weeks ago, it's a lot more difficult to play as well. Your perception and hand placement that falls on the guitar neck and everything is off a little bit. I decided we are not going to put the album off because that just makes no sense for too many people It's not just me that is involved there are many people that are involved and that is going to alter everyone's plans and schedules and so I made a decision we are going to push on and do it and we're doing it. The guys fly out in two weeks and we start rehearsals on the 25th of January. We are going to rehearse two songs and then go and record them, then rehearse two songs and record them, we are doing it a little differently this time. Maybe it will be a little more metal because of the eye patch. "

When asked what will the new album sound like?

"I always go back to Soldiers Under Command when I do a new album and somehow try to recapture a little bit of that energy and that raw power but I always want to record something new. This album has its own signature on it already I can tell you that. I don't want to compare it to Guns N' Roses but it's got a little bit more of that raw groove oriented but it's metal all the way.

There is no official piano, acoustic ballad on this album."

When asked how many songs on the album and the lyrical themes?

"Eleven songs on this album. The lyrics are already being written in an unusual way and I will leave it at that. There is a little bit of a spin on the lyrics."

When asked when the time frame will be for the new album "We will turn it in in mid April 2022, if all goes well and if I had to guess the release and I can't say for sure I would say the end of the year, maybe October, November of 2022."

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