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Metal Church Studio Albums Fan Poll Results See How They Ranked & Which Album Made Number 1?

Metal Church studio Albums fan poll. This poll did not include the new album 'Congregation of Annihilation'

The question that was asked.

What is your favorite Metal Church Album?

(Multiple votes permitted)


All you need is a gmail account

1450 votes were cast

  1. Metal Church Debut- 494 votes

  2. The Dark- 325

  3. Blessing in Disguise-241

  4. The Human Factor-135

  5. Hanging in the Balance-67

  6. XI- 57

  7. Damned if you do-44

  8. Masterpeace-21

  9. The Weight of the world-19

  10. Generation Nothing-17

  11. A light in the Dark-16

  12. The present Wasteland-14

Metal Church was formed in 1980. Led by guitarist and songwriter Kurdt Vanderhoof, the band has released 13 studio albums .They achieved considerable popularity that decade, with two of their first three albums entering the Top 100 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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