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Marc Storace Has Lost Hope for Krokus Farewell Tour But Will Tour With Storace Solo Band

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Krokus Vocalist Marc Storace about his first solo "Live and Let Live" and upcoming solo tour. Plus Marc gives an update on Krokus farewell tour, a statement to Dee Snider in regards to the years of their feud and the AC/DC audition explained and clarified.

"Live And Let Live" was made available in Switzerland in December and was released in North America earlier this month

Watch Full Interview here

Excerpt from Interview, Marc Storace was asked about the Krokus Farewell Tour he replied,"

Last time we talked (with the band) I had high hopes and in the meantime those high hopes have become quite dusty and have crumbled. I don't know what to think anymore but I kind of lost hope myself everyone has kind of gone in different directions and it's like what is going on is just nothing. So I am concentrating on my stuff, I'm having fun and I am even planning on coming over (tour), things are being looked at now as we speak in the USA (fall 2022) and am happy about that. I will be playing almost my whole solo album and I'm going to play Krokus songs (no Covers). And some Krokus songs which I will play will be songs I wanted to do but never got the chance to do again, like Midnite Maniac. "

"Live And Let Live" track listing:

01. Live And Let Live (3:41)

02. High On Love (3:57)

03. Lady Of The Night (4:44)

04. Carry The Burden (3:16)

05. Broken Wings (3:41)

06. No Place To Hide (3:22)

07. Don't Wanna Go (4:40)

08. Love Over Money (3:53)

09. Time Waits For No One (4:14)

10. Paradise (2:59)

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