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Loudness New Album 'Sunburst' Artwork And Linear Notes Explained In Video. Watch Here

Loudness will be releasing a double album titled Sunburst-My Warrior at the end of December 2021. The first limited edition release of the album will also include a live DVD. Special version 2CD & DVD set

You can see here on the step by step process in creating the album artwork

Watch video here

Disc 1: 01. Rising Sun 02. Oeoeoe 03. Yamato Tamashii 04. Virtual Reality 05. Crazy World 06. Stand Or Fall 07. The Sanzu River 08. Japanese Heart

Disc 2: 01. Shining 80’s 02. Emerald Sea 03. Door of Heaven 04. All Will Be Fine With You 05. Fire In The Sky 06. Hunger For More 07. The Nakigara 08. Wonderland

Disc 3 (Golden Era at Ex Theater Roppongi — 2020/12/11): 01. Loudness 02. Rock Shock (More And More) 03. High Try 04. In The Mirror 05. Milky Way 06. Crazy Doctor 07. Esper 08. Crazy Nights 09. Like Hell 10. Heavy Chains 11. So Lonely 12. Road Racer 13. Let It Go 14. Rock’N Roll Gypsy 15. Metal Mad 16. Soul On Fire 17. I’m Still Alive 18. S.DI.

Japanese heavy metal rockers Loudness consists of guitarist Akira Takasaki, lead vocalist Minoru Niihara, bassist Masayoshi Yamashita and drummer Masayuki Suzuki.

Loudness were the first Japanese metal act signed to a major label in the United States. Loudness subsequently released 26 studio albums (five licensed in America) and nine live albums by 2014 and reached the Billboard Top 100 during their heyday as well as charting on Oricon dozens of times

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