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Legendary Cult Band Warlord Announces 2024 Touring Lineup & Limited Tribute Bill Tsamis Tour

Warlord, the legendary cult U.S. metal band formed in 1980, announce today that they will undertake a limited number of special shows in 2024 to celebrate both the legacy of the band, as well as the music and memory of founding guitarist William J Tsamis who sadly passed away in May 2021.

40 years after the release of both the seminal "Deliver Us" MLP and the classic "And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun" full-length album, Warlord will perform a set with a focus on the earlier material that shaped and influenced what we know now as Epic Heavy Metal, becoming one of the subgenre's most important pioneers. The limited number of those special shows celebrating Warlord's and William J Tsamis' legacy, will be extremely emotional for both the performers and the fans, who will once again experience the music that marked part of their lives and their emotions. Those special 2024 shows will be built around that feeling and bringing it back, and not as a "reunion act".

The special touring line-up will be:

Mark Zonder - Drums

Giles Lavery - Vocals

Philip Bynoe - Bass

Jimmy Waldo - Keys

The guitarist position will be revealed at a later date. Says Mark, "We will be using guest players whom we will reveal later. Bill is irreplaceable"

The band offered the following comments:

Mark Zonder:

"Rising out of the ashes once again"

Giles Lavery:

"It has been 10 years since I performed with Warlord in Germany and for the amazing fans in Greece, I am excited to have the opportunity to sing these great songs again... in memory of our friend Bill and together with all Warlord fans, in celebration of the band's everlasting legacy"

Philip Bynoe:

It will be great to pay tribute to Bill

And to play the old songs with the band,

The fans will enjoy seeing and hearing us perform on the big stage.

Jimmy Waldo:

"In between touring and recording with Alcatrazz I am very excited to be part of these special shows. I will be staying true to the original Warlord tradition in every way"

Further announcements will be made, as well as other exciting news in the coming months.

Interested promoters should contact:

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