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Lee Aaron Recalls When Venom Mooned Her While Performing in 1985

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from The Metal Voice spoke to legendary Canadian artist Lee Aaron about her new album 'Radio on' which will be released July 23rd via Metalville Records. Aaron also talked about working in the past with the Scorpions on Savage Amusement (Back Vocals), Venom, producer Bob Ezrin and so much more.

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When asked about her new album 'Radio On'

"I like to take the listeners on a journey. I think every record I have ever done ultimately sounds like a Lee Aaron record cause obviously it's my voice with the production values that I like and the style of music I like to write. I think the challenges as I have become more older and a more mature person is, how do I write songs that reflect my world view and where I am personally and how to engage my fans? The reality is my fans have grown up with me they are between 40 and 60 years old, so the subject matters that are going to reel them are the same things that are on their mind, as my mind."

When asked about the style of music she plays

"I really don't consider my music Metal, it might have little elements of that. I don't think my music has been metal for many many years. Truthfully there are other females out their like Doro and Lzzy Hale that I think carry that torch far better than I do. I am just a fan of all kind of music and I am influenced by all kinds of things. I am always on the quest, for me to write the ultimate great song and to me the ultimate great song is something that not only has the greatest guitar parts and riff but has a real memorable melody and something that people can latch onto lyrically and sing along with. "

When asked about the band Venom mooning her in May 1985 on the ECT show live on British Channel 4. ECT (Extra Celestial Transmission)

"That was one of the most disconcerting moments of my career (laughs). I think there were three rotating stages. Even back then the Venom guys didn't think I was metal and they were like how can we get Lee Aaron. So there I was trying to play my tune, playing live and these guys are full on ripping their shorts down in front of us trying to throw us off our game." (laughs)

When asked her doing back vocals on the Scorpions Savage Amusement song Rhythm of Love

"I believe it was 1987, The record label was trying to get some stuff for a live record and they had employed (producer) Dieter Dirks and got a mobile recording studio to come out and record some of our shows on our German tour that year. The Scorpions in the meantime were in the middle of recording Savage Amusement album with Dieter Dirks who was there long time producer. And they were trying to find somebody to hit this super high harmony on the song 'Rhythm of Love'. If you listen closely people say you can actually really hear my voice. Udo from Accept came in and tried it, Don Dokken tried it, they had a few guys come in but they just didn't have that register to sing up there. So Dieter went back to the band and said hey I'm recording this girl right now she is from Canada and has a real great rock and roll voice and we should consider bringing her down to the studio and sing on the song. So I went down there and it was just the funniest day. "

Has been called The Metal Queen been a Blessing or a curse

"As a curse, I have to say the whole image was somewhat crafted for me. So for those who don't want to see me able to do anything or be labeled as anything but Metal, it's a curse. I got angry for a few years I didn't want to play the song live (Metal Queen). I need to be allowed artistically to be able to expand beyond this pigeon hold box that I have been put in. So artistically I found it very constricting and that is why I said screw everybody I'm going jazz and blues for a while. Artistically I love taking these diversions. I love to step away from the whole Metal Queen image thing. In the blessing part, Metal Queen, lyrically it's a feminist statement, it's a song of empowerment, it's about being the woman in charge. I think is a blessing that that message is getting across. Metal Queen has been also the moniker that labels all the great women in Rock and that is something."

Multi-platinum, award-winning Canadian vocalist Lee Aaron is back with a collection of 12 brand-new originals that invite you to tune into the heartbeat of your personal radio dial and hear the best of what this rock 'n' roll legend has to offer

LINEUP Lee Aaron - lead vocals Sean Kelly - guitars Dave Reimer - bass John Cody - drums

Radio On! tracklisting:

"Vampin’" "Soul Breaker" "Cmon" "Mama Don’t Remember" "Radio On" "Soho Crawl" "Devil’s Gold" "Russian Doll" "Great Big Love" "Wasted" "Had Me At Hello" "Twenty One"

DISCOGRAPHY 1982 The Lee Aaron Project 1984 Metal Queen 1985 Call of the Wild 1987 Lee Aaron 1989 Bodyrock 1991 Some Girls Do 1994 Emotional Rain 1996 2preciious (with 2preciious) 2000 Slick Chick (with the Swingin' Barflies) 2004 Beautiful Things 2016 Fire and Gasoline 2018 Diamond Baby Blues 2019 Power, Soul, Rock N' Roll - Live In Germany

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