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KK'S Priest 'The Sinner Rides Again' #1 on The Metal Voice Top Metal Albums of 2023

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

It's that time again when The Metal Voice gang picks their top metal albums on 2023. Check out part 2 of a two part series as we countdown the best of 2023.

Watch part 2 here w/ Neil Turbin


Tim "Ripper" Owens - Vocals

K.K. Downing - Guitar

A.J. Mills - Guitar

Tony Newton - Bass

Sean Elg - Drums

Watch Part 1 Here w/ Kenny Kessel


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So this is how it works this year since there was Zero consensus between Jimmy and Alan. This time they pick their top 5 albums each for a total of 10 albums, get it?

Jimmy Kay

1. KK's Priest -The Sinner Rides Again

2. Doro- Conqueress, Forever Strong And Proud

3. OverKill- Scorched

4. Girlschool - WTFORTYFIVE

5. Within Temptation- 'Bleed Out'

Alan Dixon

1. Sorcerer- Reign of the Reaper

2. Eclipse- Megalomanium

3. BloodBound- Tales from the North

4. Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - Kings Of The Asylum

5. Pyramaze- 'Bloodlines'

Also joining the metal guys on the show Kenny Kessel The man on the street on the EAST COAST who discuss his top picks of the year

Kenny Kessel

1.The Winery Dogs- 'III'

2. The Tigers of Pan Tang- 'Bloodlines'

3. OverKill- 'Schorched'

Neil Turbin

1. Sortilege- Apocalypso

2. Stardust- Kingdom Of Illusion

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