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Judas Priest's Rob Halford's 'Biblical' Biography Book Review-Watch Video by The Metal Voice

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from The Metal Voice review the new and second biography 'Biblical' from Judas Priest singer Rob Halford. "Biblical: Rob Halford's Heavy Metal Scriptures", was released on November 1, 2022 via Hachette Books.

Watch video review here- Spoiler alert

In the follow-up to his 2020 autobiography "Confess", Halford runs his lively eye over all facets of the hard rock history and the heavy metal world. "Biblical" is an encyclopedia and manifesto in which Halford shares his opinions, memories, and anecdotes regarding every element of the rock and roll work and lifestyle from tours to tattoos, riffs to riders, and drugs to devil horns. In Halford's relaxed and honest tone, the book mixes serious and in-depth pieces with whimsical reflections on lessons learned during his fifty years of a life in music. "Biblical" is a handed-down-from-on-high holy tome that transports fans behind the scenes and back into their record collections, to the almighty ways of rock.

"After my penitence with 'Confess;, it's time for me to be 'Biblical and take our congregation through all the ins and out and ups and downs of what it takes to make the life of the Metal God," Halford said in a statement. "So get comfy in your pew and prepare for the light of revelations by becoming Biblical!"

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