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Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson Talks Admiration For Men Without Hats Safety Dance & Collaborations

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Jethro Tull's leader Ian Anderson. In the interview Anderson spoke about the new album 'The Zealot Gene', gave an update on the continuing re-issues of the bands catalog, his meeting Iron Maiden's Steve Harris and performing with Bruce Dickinson. Plus his collaboration with Men Without Hats on the song 'On Tuesday' off the album Pop Goes the World.

Jethro Tull have announced their first new studio project in nearly two decades: The Zealot Gene will arrive on Jan. 28 2022 via Inside Out Music

Watch Full Interview here

The Metal Voice asked about his collaboration with Men Without Hats on the song 'On Tuesday' by Men Without Hats' on the album Pop Goes The World, Anderson said," It's a nice tune that I was asked to play on because Ivan the main man was in London recording an album and he must have got wind of me having some positive comments about the Safety Dance. The song was quite a hit in the UK (Safety Dance) and a refreshing one it was almost an abandoned crazy hippy kind of video at a time where everything else was synth pop and rather contrived. This was a fun abandoned wacky song but everybody loved it in the UK and I enjoyed it too. I guess Ivan heard about that and said oh can we get Ian Anderson to play on a song and the record company got the message. So I trotted into the studio in London and recorded it and that was the end of it really. When I play on other people's records I politely refuse any form of payment because I choose what to do I don't do everything and I am certainly not a gun for hire. You can't pay me to overcome my feelings for perhaps this is not the right thing for me to do or that I don't really think I can add anything useful to your song. I have to feel like I can make a contribution. I am more likely to make that contribution if the music is someway away from what I do because then it becomes more of a challenge and I can step out of my normal musical area and tackle something a little different that I have not played before."

Ian Anderson was also asked about the next upcoming Jethro Tull Re-issues he told The Metal Voice, "Broadsword and the Beast is the next reissue in July of next year. Which is all complete in terms of all the music and I think just the final components, the little parts of the packaging are just being finished at the moment. Beyond that I can't really comment cause we haven't had any detailed discussions about how far to go or the availability of Steven Wilson who has done all the remixes."

Ian Anderson went on to talk about meeting Iron Maiden's Steve Harris and performing with Bruce Dickinson, Anderson Said, "I probably met Steve Harris briefly on one occasion a little bit more on another occasion. I know he is a rather shy person, he said he never wanted to push himself forward in terms of trying to meet me or talk to me. I think I got in touch with him and asked him if he would do a little throw away intro to a particular track on a live concert tour we did, in terms of being a video. A little video contribution that he offered to introduce a song. He went on, "I think his interest in Jethro Tull is probably based on having gone in a direction kind of beyond the performances that you would associate yourself with Iron Maiden. The first thing Iron Maiden seemed to be linked to Jethro Tull was a song called Cross -Eyed Mary which was on the Aqualung album and they did it on an early record release. I think they did it in the same key as I did but puts it in the impossible key for Bruce Dickinson. Bruce is a tenor and I am a baritone a low baritone. So for him to sing down here, he had to go up an octave but then he was going up really an octave which out it in a very uncomfortable high register that even as young Bruce Dickinson. He was pushing his luck singing it an octave higher, than my original vocal. "

He continued," I don't really know these people very well at one occasion Bruce was a guest of mine at Canterbury Cathedral's performance I did in 2011 and he is a great person to work with, very professional, very straightforward, Easy going guy we learnt his couple of songs and he sang on one of ours. I got an e-mail this morning from Bruce Dickinson, that he sent a couple of days ago about asking me to do some live performance project together at the end of next year. "

Jethro Tull, ‘The Zealot Gene’ Track Listing

"Mrs. Tibbets"

"Jacob's Tales"

"Mine Is the Mountain"

"The Zealot Gene"

"Shoshana Sleeping"

"Sad City Sisters"

"Barren Beth, Wild Desert John"

"The Betrayal of Joshua Kynde"

"Where Did Saturday Go?"

"Three Loves, Three"

"In Brief Visitation"

"The Fisherman of Ephesus"

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