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Iron Maiden's Steve Harris Was Driving The Truck On The British Lion Tour-Andy Curran Coney Hatch

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to bassist Andy Curran of legendary Canadian hard rock band Corey Hatch. Curran spoke about the bands upcoming first-ever pay-per-view web concert on October 3, 2020 at the legendary  El Mocambo in Toronto as well as his working relationship as the A&R person for Rush over the years and touring with Iron Maiden's Steve Harris on the British Lion tour

Watch interview with band here

The band (lead vocalist and guitarist Carl Dixon, vocalist and bassist Andy Curran, guitarist Sean Kelly, and drummer Dave Ketchum) returns to the legendary El Mocambo in Toronto for the first time since 1983. 

The concert will feature music from all four of their studio records spanning a 30+ year career, and will include a close-up interview hosted by Metal Tim Henderson of BraveWords fame. The show will be recorded for a future release on vinyl and CD which also marks the first-ever Coney Hatch live record release.

 Photo credit: Diamond Films Canada

Webcast tickets

“We paid special attention to all four studio records and chose a mixture of fan and band favorites…kind of a ‘best of Hatch’ night with some cool visuals we’ve added, plus a 30 minute interview with me and Carl, hosted by Metal Tim Henderson - poking and prodding us about our past , present, and future!”

And speaking of the future, the bassist offers this preview of the upcoming live release – “This show will be recorded and filmed for an upcoming Coney Hatch vinyl release. We’ve never released a live record and we feel that our live show is at a different level…so it’s long overdue. Since we’ve been playing in Europe over the last few years and our mini Canadian tour with Steve Harris’ British Lion, there seems to be renewed interest in the band, so, we’ll take it!” 

Pre-order your copy with the option to bundle a special limited edition Coney Hatch El Mocambo exclusive event T-shirt at Proceeds from every live stream purchase, in-person ticket, and T-shirt purchase will go towards the Unison Benevolent Fund to aid the Canadian music community

“Michael Wekerle - the CEO of the El Mocambo - is a very big Coney Hatch fan, and invited us to be one of the first bands to perform at the new renovated venue in Toronto,” explains Curran. “The El Mocambo is easily the safest venue in Toronto. It’s become the poster child for COVID safety procedures and the city of Toronto did a live stream event on Canada Day and helped pave the way for them. Tables and chairs are all laid out with social distancing regulations in place - with 50 people only on two floors, staff all wearing masks, sanitizers everywhere, temperature taken when entering…they really have gone to great lengths to make artists and patrons feel safe.”

When asked about touring with Steve Harris on the British Lion Tour

"Steve Harris promised to hang out with us on the British Lion tour and we never saw him other than the dressing room. He was too busy driving the truck, so we were like what are you doing driving your own truck and he is like, well I got to pitch in mate. "

When asked about Curran's relationship working for Rush

"It was quite a riot being involved with the label and being the AR guy for one of the best bands (Rush). With Rush you don't AR them you just let them do what they do and I would never think I can come in and contribute anyway to make their records better. But what I pride myself in is introducing them to (producer) Nick Raskulinecz. They (Rush) came to me one day and said they have a list of producers and asked me who do you think should produce us? So I brought a couple of names forth and one of them was Nick Raskulinecz and he hit it off with them

and they made two records with him arguable their best music on the last couple of records they made. I was fortunate to be with them at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame when Rush were inducted. I was constantly pinching myself on a daily basis. How did I get here? How am I working with these guys? I used to idolize these guys. I grew up listening to Rush, i was at Massey Hall when All the World's A Stage show (where live album was recorded). I loved every minute of it. I'm still involved with Rush helping them out."

When asked about his relationship with Neil Peart

"Neil was a very private man, it took a while to break the ice with Neil but we became fast friends over Ice Hockey. With Neil we worked with the Hockey Hall of Fame, TSN we did that theme song for Hockey Night In Canada and I had a very special relationship with him he was a very quiet private guy but easily of the most kindest person I ever met in my life. Just the tragic loss for all of us, even though we were prepared in the Rush camp for it and we knew about it. That was a tough loss for sure. "

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