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Guitarist Adrian Vandenberg Says He Was Asked By Ozzy To Join Band During 1983 Tour The Metal Voice

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Ex-Whitesnake guitarist and solo artist Adrian Vandenberg about Vandenberg's new album 'SIN' that was released on August 25, 2023 via Mascot records.

Vandenberg also spoke about how he was asked to join Ozzy Osbourne's band during the Speak to the Devil tour and how he was asked to join Whitesnake multiple times throughout the years and refused.

Adrian Vandenberg photo above by Neil Turbin

David Coverdale photo by Fernando Bonenfant

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When asked what the difference is musically from Vandenberg's latest album SIn to their last album 2020.

" I realized I was really happy with the 2020 album but when we started doing a bunch of live shows under our belt I realized I would like to try to get a little closer to how we sound live. So I turned everything up a little bit, a little bit more umph out of the amplifier, a little bit more punch on the drums. Just a little bit more of everything and go a little heavier, heavier than the 2020 album."


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When asked if he was ever approached by Kiss or Ozzy to join their bands, since Vandenberg supported these two bands in the 80's

" I did. A story that I never told before. Ozzy actually. First time I met him (Ozzy) during the tour. But I must say he was not quite sober, which was unusual for Ozzy of course (laughs). His tour manager introduced me to him and he was in a lunchroom of one of the hotel and he said Adrian do you want to join my band? (Adrian said), we are supporting you guys and Jake (E Lee) is a fantastic player. He (Ozzy) mumbles something, like stay in touch or whatever. But later on um some people mentioned that Don Airey (keyboardist) and a couple of other guys in the band um mentioned to Ozzy that my style of playing had a lot of resemblance with um Randy Rhods' playing and in the sense of classical influences like Euro metal type of stuff combined with American and blues.

Adrian Vandenberg. Joined by vocalist Mats Levén, drummer Koen Herfst and bassist Randy Van Der Elsen, the influential axe-slinger delivers a vibrant, visceral, and vital vision on the group's fifth full-length offering, "Sin", brought to life in broad strokes of anthemic hard rock and airtight metal and produced by Bob Marlette (OZZY OSBOURNE, ALICE COOPER, ROB ZOMBIE).

Recorded in Holland and Los Angeles with Marlette, "Sin" represents a natural evolution for VANDENBERG. Scorching pinch harmonics light up the first single "House On Fire" as the groove underlines a chantable chorus from Mats.


1. Thunder And Lightning

2. House On Fire

3. Sin

4. Light It Up

5. Walking On Water

6. Burning Skies

7. Hit The Ground Running

8. Baby You've Changed

9. Out Of The Shadows

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