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'Girlschool Have Written 2-3 New Songs For A New Studio Album Slated For Next Year' Jackie Chambers

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke with new Alcatrazz front man Doogie White (Michael Schenker, Rainbow) and guitarist Jackie Chambers of NWOBHM Girlschool about their upcoming U.K. package tour together in November 2021, as well as upcoming new music from both bands.

Watch here Full Interview here

Excerpts from the interview

First off Doogie what do you say to fans who say Graham Bonnet is the voice of Alcatrazz?

"I would say that I don't disagree with them at all. But if you want to hear Alcatrazz, then it's going to be without Graham. I got a phone call from Graham the last time Alcatrazz was on tour in the U.K (Edinburgh, Scotland) and was asked to go for a walk with him. I went down and I met Graham and walked through Edinburgh. We went for a coffee and he said didn't want to do this anymore (play Alcatrazz music). He told me he did not enjoy this music anymore. He wanted to go back to the Graham Bonnet Band and that is what he has chosen to do."

"Now what do you do? Do you abandon what has been going on (Alcatrazz) before never to be done again or do you find someone who is willing to step up to the plate and do it and try something new? When Ozzy left or was kicked out of Sabbath, they got Ronnie Jame Dio in. When Ronnie Dio left Rainbow they got Graham Bonnet in. When Di'anno left (Iron Maiden) they got Bruce in. I'm not comparing myself to any of these guys but if the band wants to continue they have to have someone and if it is not me it would be someone else. So why not be me? Graham and I have been friends for 20 years. We have toured Japan five times together. I know Graham Bonnet wishes me the best cause he knows that the legacy that he made with Alcatrazz is safe in my hands and he knows that I will treat it with respect. Graham knows I will treat it with dignity and I will do the best I can and you can't ask anymore than that. I will learn these songs (Alcatrazz) I will write the best songs I can and carry this forward and the fans will hopefully like it. If the fans want to see Graham they can go see the Graham Bonnet Band and hear his tunes. As far as Alcatrazz goes for this album and this tour I am the lead singer in this band and I will do my damnedest to make it worthy of the name and the legacy that Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea and all the guitar players that played in the band and Graham brought to the table." Doogie White

Jackie has Girlschool been working on new music, if so when can we expect a new album?

"Yes for the first time in years we are going to record a new album either this year or next year we are not sure yet but we are writing new songs. It never really takes us that long to do an album just a couple of weeks in the studio and we knock it out. We are hoping an album next year. We got two or three completed songs and we are working on others at the moment, we are doing it on Zoom first time. It's six years I think from the last album. The new album is going to sound like Girlschool, whatever we do it's going to sound like Girlschool, we don't use any effects and we don't try and find a formula." Jackie Chambers

Doogie tell us about the new upcoming Alcatrazz album

"Keyboardist Jimmy Waldo and guitarist Joe Stump and I have been writing the bulk of the new material. When I do an album I like to overwrite for it, so we are looking on having 15 songs. Twelve will probably make the album and the three will use as bonus tracks for something else. We are looking to have the album released before the tour (Nov 2021) so people have a chance to hear me singing the songs that I have written for and with Alcatrazz. And hopefully the fans will enjoy the new music as they enjoy the classic Alcatrazz tunes. It's going to sound like heavy rock music. Joe Stump is a shredder, so there will be plenty of shredding " Doogie White


Thur 11 Nov - HRH AOR Festival, Gt. Yarmouth


Thur 18 Nov - Eleven,Stoke-On-Trent

Fri 19 Nov - Waterloo Music Bar Blackpool

Sat 20 Nov - Hangar 18 Music Venue, Swansea

Sun 21 Nov - Yardbirds Rock, Grimsby

Thur 25 Nov - Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh

Fri 26 Nov - Winter Storm, Troon (Alcatrazz only) - FESTIVAL

Fri 26 Nov Bradford Nighttrain (Girlschool only)

Sun 28 Nov - Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle DECEMBER

Wed 1 Dec - The Underworld Camden, London

Thur 2 Dec - KK'S Steel Mill - Live Music, Wolverhampton

Fri 3 Dec - Voodoo Lounge Dublin, Dublin

Sat 4 Dec - Limelight Belfast 2, Belfast

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