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Geoff Tate On Upcoming Live Acoustic Stream- "We are going to jump in and see how the water feels"

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from The Metal Voice recently spoke to former Queensryche singer Geoff Tate who was in Ireland and was preparing for his up and coming acoustic live stream on August 21 2020 5 pm Est

Other topics in the chat, plans for new music, Avantasia, The Warning and remembering the recording sessions of Operation Mindcrime at the famous Le Studio Morin Heights

Watch Interview here

When asked about the upcoming acoustic live stream in Ireland Aug 21 2020 "We have never done an online show before, so this is kind of new territory for us but it promises to be an interesting time. A couple of years ago I did an acoustic performance tour of my songs and it went down really well. I had a particularly good time playing that format. So we are going to reinvent that again for this show and I got some incredible musicians joining me and we are going online with it and see if we can make it all happen. It's a kind of a thing being in the new world that we are now, live shows are not permitted in a lot of places, this is kind of the new frontier so to speak. A lot of the guys in my band have been out of work for months cause we were right at the beginning of our US tour when the pandemic hit so we had to cancel all those dates and cancel dates in August in the UK and Ireland as well. This might be (online shows) all there is for the short upcoming future until maybe winter, so we are going to give it a run and hope that people tune in . We will have our tip jar out there for all the musicians to split up like in the old days. We are going to jump in there and see how the water feels. I am really looking forward to it. I haven't played live or even played any music for a few months now. I've been in the studio recording music, but it's really different when you have a band. "

What will the set list look like on the acoustic performance? "The setlist is kind of like a lot of different things, I've got 20-21 albums so I think, so I have a pretty deep setlist if I start picking stuff. And what's kind of neat about acoustic performance in my mind is that you can take a really heavy song and completely turn it on its head and do it completely differently acoustically. I'm not talking folk music style, this is a Geoff Tate acoustic thing . But there will be an array of songs from all my discography."

When asked about if he is planning on recording new music "I'm finishing up one album with an Italian friend of mine and we are about 3/4 of the way through with that. I've also done a couple of one-off songs for different projects, a film song that's going to be in a movie. And then I am also working on a new record that I can't talk about right now."

Exclusive Geoff Tate Acoustic Paid Live Stream, buy tickets here

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