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Geddy Lee Explains his Effin' Life-Video Interview On Canada's The CBC-Watch

Geddy Lee is used to telling stories through music, but in his new autobiography, My Effin’ Life’, the Rush lead singer shares his unlikely journey to rock ‘n roll success. He talks to The National’s Ian Hanomansing about the transformative moments and the importance of telling his family’s Holocaust story.

00:00 How do you introduce yourself?

01:58 Life-changing Led Zeppelin moment

03:37 Early days of touring with KISS

05:11 Sharing his parents' Holocaust story

08:51 Rush’s post about the Hamas attacks

10:18 Getting the perfect sound with Rush

14:28 Best Rush album to pick up first?

15:20 Meaning behind the song ‘Free Will’

17:07 When did you start feeling successful?

19:36 Any musical regrets?

22:41 What’s life like for you now?

26:27 Heading out on a different kind of tour

27:28 If you spotted someone in a Rush t-shirt?

28:28 What’s up with the appliances?

Geddy Lee In Conversation, a series of intimate dates across the UK and North America with legendary Rock ’n’ Roll Hall Of Famer Geddy Lee. The spoken word tour will see the Rush singer/bassist bring to life his forthcoming memoir My Effin’ Life, due for release on 14th November (HarperCollins).

The evening promises to be an extraordinary experience, a once-in-a-life-time event. After the curtain rises, Geddy Lee will give his fans a peek into the very fabric of his life: from a deep reflection into his family and childhood, to a steep dive into the history of Rush; from the determined pursuit of music, to the personal memories of his life-long friends and band-mates Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart.

Joined on stage by a special guest interviewer, Geddy Lee will be reading key passages from his forthcoming book My Effin’ Life; he will then share thoughts and stories taken from his experience. Furthermore, fans will then have the chance to participate in a special Q&A, with Geddy Lee answering their questions directly.

When asked about his memoir the legend comments: “Writing this book has meant spending so much time living in the past”. Lee continues: “I’ve never lived my life looking anywhere but forward, which is why I resisted doing this kind of thing for so long. Being in a band all those years was reassuring because it was an ongoing thing. It felt like it was forever. There was always unfinished business: the next record, the next set design, the next tour. It’s been the theme of my life. But you need a lot more determination to proceed in the world of music without the comfort of your bandmates, and I can only hope that finishing this book will release me to return to what I do and love best”.

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