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Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush To Launch Guitar Pedal Line & Says His Health is Slowly Getting Better

Iconic Guitarist Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush was interviewed on Canada's The Metal Voice on March 22, 2023 where he gave a quick health update, talked about his upcoming line of guitar pedals and spoke about the legacy of his music.

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When asked about his current health situation and his new line of guitar pedals

"I'm hanging in there, just waiting for things to get better. The only thing I stopped was touring. it's hard to play sometimes, that's true but I haven't stopped that. Coming back is a weird word , I was gone from touring and I'm still gone from touring, at this point. But I'm still thinking of music, I'm still who I am it's just the illness makes it really hard for me to particularly to tour. If (the illness) subsides and it has been subsiding slowly and maybe we can think about doing something (touring). But in the meantime I wanted to stay somewhat connected and I figured the best way was, I thought about my pedals and I thought about how over the years some many people had asked me how do you get that sound and I would tell them I built my own stuff. So I started thinking maybe I should take these designs and rebrand them. rebuilt them and let people have a chance to use them. I'm actually going to put out a line of guitar pedals, my own. Cause I build them. Their each going to have a name. There are three different pedals that I'm using. They will be named after my songs. I am doing them all myself , handcrafted, I did not team up with a company. I have one helper a kid name Ryan. I am putting them together myself and I am going to sign them. They are very boutique. The designs are all my own. Very pro. The thing that I am waiting for is I have to trademark the names, so I can't actually put them on the web until the trademark is in progress, the pedals should be available in a few weeks."

In June 30 2021, Frank Marino announced his retirement from touring after developing an "unexpected and debilitating" medical condition.

he posted

"With sorrow I am forced to announce my immediate retirement from touring, and possibly all things related to continuing my career, due to an unexpected and debilitating medical condition which makes it impossible for me to tour.

"I want to thank all the people who supported me all of the last half-century.

"I know that many were looking forward to seeing us play this fall and I was looking forward to getting out again and doing more shows, but it now appears that in the absence of a miraculous recovery, my Concert DVD (Live at the Agora) will constitute the last show I will ever have played.

"I ask any that are believers to include me in their prayers."

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