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Fan Poll on Best 7 Songs Off Metallica's 72 Seasons, 'Less is More' Fan Fantasy Re-Issue

Metallica fans from all around the world have voted on their top 7 songs off of Metallica's '72 Seasons' album making up an album fantasy re-issue, 'Less is more' Why? Cause the typical fan vibe on the net is , this new Metallica album is just too way long.

So here is how it went down

The question

Build the perfect Metallica '72 Seasons' album poll of 7 songs (Less is more)

Vote for your favorite songs on the new album

Only the top 7 songs will make the cut and this will be the blockbuster Metallica album we all wanted

You can vote on multiple options

Total votes cast 1522 Metalheads from all walks of life

The results

Metallica 72 Seasons Fan Fantasy less is more 7 song re-issue track list

1. 72 Seasons 240

2. Lux Æterna 230

3. 'If Darkness Had a Son 172

4. Inamorata 164

5 Shadows Follow 138

6 Screaming Suicide 108

7 Room of Mirrors 99

Bonus track

8 Too Far Gone? 88

The songs that did not make the cut, perhaps the band can toss them on a fantasy B sides album in the future

You Must Burn! 86

Sleepwalk My Life Away 77

Chasing Light 67

Crown of Barbed Wire 53

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