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Ex-Yes Bill Bruford Oral History Interview At Namm 2021

Back in 2011 Drummer Bill Bruford discussed being in the band YES and how his unique style is rooted in his love of jazz.

He talks about his beginnings, how Yes was the first real band he played in and how he left after the Yes 'Close To The Edge' album to join one of his favorite bands King Crimson.

The NAMM Oral History Collection is unique, unlike any other collection in the world. The heart of the Collection is the depth of its narratives that cover innovative creations, the evolution of musical instruments, the ever-changing world of music retail, as well as our collective quest to improve music education around the globe. Oral History participants have come from 79 different countries, 49 U.S. states and were born between 1896 and 1997. This collection is our journal, our own way of chronicling ourselves and our community—the community we so eagerly embrace at the NAMM shows and so proudly celebrate throughout the year. This library of video interviews, now over 4,500 strong and always growing, contains the story of our industry told by those who helped to shape it and have watched it expand and develop through the years.

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