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Ex-Thundermother Bandmates Will Continue To Play Songs They Wrote In Thundermother On Upcoming Gigs

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to former lead singer of Thundermother Guernica Mancini . In the interview Guernica talks about her time in Thundermother, being fired, opening for the Scorpions and her new band with Ex bandmates and new music.

Watch full interview here

When asked if all the members of Thundermother were equally paid in their time in the band

"Always. As far as I know, I mean I haven't really seen any paperwork, so I never looked into it. But as far as I believe we always shared everything equally, the merchandise. I got royalties from that album that I played on. So all that stuff has been completely normal and fair since day one. But we did do a huge thing, when we joined the band we actually paid off a huge debt. It was about 90,000 Krona ($9000 USD) to the previous management because we were loyal and in solidarity. When we are part of a band we didn't like to think twice about taking care of the baggage from before."

When asked if she had a vibe that things were not going right in the band prior to being fired

"It's a tough question to answer, I would say it like this. It's never been great for me. And it's been a tough six years but regardless of that I don't regret anything. I've still had amazing experiences with the band and yeah I wouldn't take anything back because I've grown and I've become the singer that I am and there's so many positives to that. So even though it has been a very bumpy ride, I still think that it's been a beautiful ride."

When asked after all that Thundermother momentum how come she is no longer in the band

"Our statement said it all, really. I don't think anyone will ever hear the real story ever. I mean unless I release a biography in 10 years or something. "

When asked if she was called back to rejoin the band would she?

"I don't think I could. No. Not now. Emilee said in a previous interview the Betrayal is just beyond, I wouldn't have never taken it this far. "

When asked who she felt when the other two Thundermother band mates quit to join her

"It does make me feel (great) but I also felt really guilty because I knew the opportunities that they were giving up because of this but they had their own reasons. They did this completely on their own and the problems that we've had in the band they they're not just something that is between her (Felippa Nassil) and I. It's like something that's been brewing and been there always. So when when this happened they (other bandmates) also felt that it was very disrespectful towards them being that they believed that we were a democracy and that we had a say in these things. She (Felippa) did more or less tell them I want to do this and I've already found a new singer and that's when Emlee just said I don't want to play with another singer and if you're going to go ahead and do this I'm going to leave the band. And that's what she did and Mona felt the same way. I love them and I'm forever grateful. I also feel like I'm so blessed and honestly I'm so incredibly grateful that they are my new band. They are the two that I enjoy working with and I have so much fun with them and we already had two songwriting days and we had just so much fun and it was drama free. It was a dream and it was just like this is what a band is supposed to be. I'm really grateful that we have something that we get to continue playing together. "

When asked about her solo career and what's next in her new band

"Inception is my first single as a solo artist, it's I guess more commercial Rock. I wrote it with Emlee Johansson (ex Thundermother drummer) and our friend Johan Brandian. It's about the beginning, so it kind of feels like a fitting song. It's just a single, I have my next single ready to go but I need to just set a date for it. I wrote this song (next single) before I got fired obviously and I didn't know this shitstorm was gonna happen but I did write a song called MVP. If you listen to the lyrics it's just about how you can be the best, it's just like a motivational pump you know a happy song. (New band) We're gonna be playing the songs that we wrote (In Thundermother) so of course we already have a lot of great material from the album 'Black and Gold' for example. So yeah I'm excited to to do that. "

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