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Ex Motley Crue Mick Mars Video Interview w/ Bravewords: Talks New Solo Album & Motley Crue

Bravewords' CEO Tim Henderson talks to former Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars on 'Streaming for Vengeance'. Watch below

BraveWords' Streaming For Vengeance sat down with former Mötley Crüe guitar legend Mick Mars to discuss his new solo material, the recently-released 40th anniversary Shout At The Devil box, the Sunset Strip and how they skyrocketed to fame by just sounding different from every other band in Los Angeles. And despite the fact that he's in legal battles with the other members of Mötley Crüe (Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil), he actually owned the name Mötley Crüe first. When asked if it broke his heart the way things ended with the band he responded: "Sometimes you have to grow more. I can't take it any further than that cuz of all the crap. What did The Byrds say? "A time to reap, a time to sow" (on their classic 'Turn Turn Turn'). I learned how to play that song when I was 14. On a 12 string too!"

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MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars has released the lead single from his solo debut titled "The Other Side Of Mars". To official music video for "Loyal To The Lie" can be seen below.

"The Other Side Of Mars" will be released on February 23, 2024. A pre-order is now live in the new merch storefront launched at Available configurations include a 180g LP and CD, signed and unsigned. "The Other Side Of Mars" will be released via Mick's own label 1313, LLC, in partnership with MRI. Blabbermouth

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The guitarist enlisted a crack team of musicians to help him along the way. A key contributor to the project was WINGER and former ALICE COOPER keyboardist (and, like Mars, Nashville resident) Paul Taylor, who, in addition to performing on the record and assisting Mars in co-writing many of the tracks, introduced the guitarist to powerhouse vocalist Jacob Bunton. "Jacob came into the studio and it was like, bam!" Mars recalls. "And I just said, 'Yeah, he's the guy.' And most of his vocals were one take."

The supporting band was rounded out by KORN drummer Ray Luzier, bassist Chris Collier and singer Brion Gamboa, who contributed lead vocals to two songs. Mars reflects, "those required a little bit more of an angsty, desperation kind of thing. And Brion really came to the table with that." Alongside playing bass on all songs recorded, Collier mixed and mastered the debut solo album.

But while Mars surrounded himself with a new cast of players for the sessions, there was one figure who represented a significant link to his storied past: Michael Wagener. The much-lauded German producer and engineer worked behind the boards on MÖTLEY CRÜE's 1981 debut, "Too Fast For Love", and his relationship with Mars stretches even further back.

MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars has told Rolling Stone in a new interview that he is seeking out a record label to release his upcoming debut solo album, "Another Side Of Mars". Song titles set to appear on the CD, which is described by Rolling Stone writer Andy Greene as "darker and more aggressive than anything in the CRÜE catalog," include "Broken On The Inside", "Alone", "Lonely In Your Grave", "Loyal To The Lie", "Decay", "Fear", "Memories" and "Erased".

Mars went on to say that he won't hit the road in support of the upcoming LP. "I'm done touring," he said. "If somebody really, really wants a one-off, or a couple of nights, I would probably do it. But all that travel stuff and planes … I'm way over it." Source Blabbermouth

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