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Ex-Megadeth Guitarist Chris Poland Has Not spoken to Dave Mustaine Since 'The System has Failed'

For The Metal Voice Former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin does an in-depth interview with ex Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland. Poland talks about the early days in Megadeth, his time after the band and working on new projects today.

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When asked about the recording budget on Megdaeth's first album and where the money really went

"First of all when we got any money it was in Dave's (Mustaine) account, we got a per diem, we got 100 bucks a week. This myth that the first record was spent on drugs is bullshit. We only had about $6000 or $8000 to make a record and we made it in a couple of weeks and drugs aren't that expensive. We weren't even that far gone then. Also if it wasn't for Cliff Culteri I wouldn't have gotten solos on the first record. He asked Dave (Mustiane) to give me solos because I wasn't going to get a bunch of solos. I thank Cliff for that, Rest in Peace. Even Peace sells I think our budget was $26,000 but we were in really nice studios, we still had our $200 a week that we lived on."

When asked about his time after Megadeth

"I was bussing tables from midnight to 10am at Denny's after I left Megadeth. I would be bussing tables on a weekend and some guy would go, dude your Chris Poland (Chris laughs) and I would have to go yeah I am. It is so weird because he just looked at me like what the Fu*k are you doing here? I would just say hey man I got to eat, I got to pay the rent. When you think about it today it is pretty crazy because Megadeth was beyond gold, Peace Sells was really like a train and here I am bussing tables in the middle of the night at Denny's. (laughs)"

When asked if he made the right decision in leaving Megadeth

"It was just meant to be, it got to the point where, it was time, it wasn't working for anybody anymore so. Who knows what would have happened if I stayed in the band. It was probably best that I didn't."

When asked about the relationship with Dave Mustaine today

"I haven't spoken to Dave not since the 'The System has Failed' (2004)

When asked if he would ever consider going back to Megadeth

"I don't think so. If Dave did a solo thing maybe but I don't want to learn all those Megadeth songs (laughs).

When asked about the new David Ellefson and Jeff Young new collaboration and if they reached out to him

" I am doing a thing with those guys in November 2022 in Chicago."

Guitars Under the Stars music camp, and their Metal Hall of Fame inductions.

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