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Ex-Deep Purple Glenn Hughes Does Not Rule Out Working With Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi In The Future

Canada's The Metal Voice recently interviewed Rock legend Glenn Hughes ( Deep Purple, Rock Hall of Fame) and guitarist Doug Aldrich (Dio , Whitesnake) from The Dead Daisies to talk about their upcoming album Holy Ground which is due on January 22, 2021 via SPV

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What is it like to have Glenn in the band now?

"It's a brand new day, we are very happy to have Glenn leading this ship. It's still the Dead Daisies but it's a brand new start. It's not so far away from Deep Purple in some ways, that there were different eras of Deep Purple. This is like Version four, Mark four of the Daisies" Doug Aldrich

"It's another chapter in my life, it was a good experience for me to come into this, Doug is an old friend, I love Doug, it's a great ship we are flying here. We go back 25 years and Doug played in my band about 5 years ago, it was fantastic and back then we talked about doing more work, we didn't know it was going to be in The Dead Daisies but here we are doing just that ." Glenn Hughes

What is the difference musically between the Corabi era and now with Glenn in the band?

"We love John (Corabi) and are dear friends but basically it's a great change because we are not trying to replace John, we are going in a fresh direction. Glenn basically brings a grooviness and heaviness to the band that maybe we didn't have that before with John when we had a different thing. They are like apples and oranges in terms of musical styles. " Doug Aldrich

"It would have been silly to repeat the same formula. I was brought into this band to change the game if you will and to make it just a different vibe. With the same classic rock movement, the same generational values where classic rock is. I don't like the word classic rock or any terminology for rock music, it's just music that we feel is appropriate for this time. The songs were written before pandemic and they speak to a lot of people. For me to join this band was a beautiful moment for me cause I wanted to express myself musically in this band and I was allowed to do that. So we are pressing forward, we are not looking so far back, we are in the moment, we are pressing all the right groove moments,we are just getting on with life. We spent a lot of time together last November and December. We made the album in France, we lived together and we ate together, we laughed together, we rocked together and it was a great moment. You can hear on the album there is a great blend of musicians all bringing the love to the table and I'm glad we captured 'Holy Ground' in that moment in time before we got hit with this awful virus " Glenn Hughes

Does Glenn Hughes write about waterfalls like Dio wrote about Rainbows?

"No one has touched on this before, I'm glad you touched on it, if you listen to my work even 50 years ago I was singing about the sea, of the ocean, on the shore, like Medusa, always on the shore. I live on the ocean here in LA. It's like I am always singing about the sea, it's enchanting to me so I thought the waterfall I can't go back to the shore, it's typical Glenn stuff, it's tongue and cheek but it's what I write about. " Glenn Hughes

Will you be playing cover songs live?

"I don't think there is going to be a lot of covers going forward, I think the Dead Daisies were a cover band and that is now going to change cause there are so many songs that have been written and been written as we speak. I just think The Daisies were a little short on material before and it's just time to press the boat about and this band is a killer band." Glenn Hughes

Glenn any other projects going on with Tony Iommi?

"There is always something going on with Tony (Iommi) we have done three albums and you never know and there is a possibility there will be another one. But at this time it is so hard to say anything I'm just doing everything I can to make sure The Dead Daisies get to as many people as humanly possible." Glenn Hughes

"Holy Ground" track listing

01. Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)

02. Like No Other (Bassline)

03. Come Alive

04. Bustle And Flow

05. My Fate

06. Chosen And Justified

07. Saving Grace

08. Unspoken

09. 30 Days In The Hole

10. Righteous Days

11. Far Away

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